This page contains links to testimonials from those who have participated in my workshops and those who have endorsed my webpage.

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Workshop Testimonials

Here is what educators wrote after participating in my most recent workshops:

21st Century Changemakers: Countering Disinformation among Older Adults- A Regional Project for Europe,
Columbia Council for Internationals (University of SC) Richland County Public Library, Columbia SC (May 11, 2022)
“The topic is essential for different age groups as well as for the people with different backgrounds because we live in the age of information which is spread very fast but is not always verified and work sharing.”
“I liked everything about this meeting. It was very interesting, interactive, It made us participants be engaged and discuss lots of topics, what we’ll continue after the meeting.”
“I liked the structure of the presentation and the information about the activities which could be done with different audiences. “

Students As Media Evaluators, Preconference, Palmetto State Literacy Assn. conference, Hilton Head Island SC,  (February 24, 2022)
“This session was awesome!  Teaching students to be media evaluators is a lost art and is needed in schools. This is another way to build critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Thank you so much! “
“This was absolutely great. At our school admin looks at using videos and movies as bad and not educational. I plan to share all the resources with them and others in my department to really expand their understanding of using videos and media in the classroom!”
“Great presentation on very important topics, especially in today’s digital environment!”
“Engaging students in activities like these will automatically increase their critical awareness and thinking.”

Critically Analyzing Media, PBS Media Literacy Certification, OELMA (November 4, 2021 Webinar)
“As always, Frank Baker’s media literacy knowledge is vast and his willingness to share his knowledge and resources is much appreciated. Being a new librarian and with the challenges we have been facing with media literacy especially during the pandemic and the last two elections, has made me realize the importance of media literacy. I know that it is an area that I need to delve into more. The amount of information on media literacy and the new for it is vital.”

Media Literacy: Breakout Session for Librarians, Olde English Consortium PD, Clover SC (October 18,2021)
“I have heard Mr. Baker speak at a few conferences so I invited him to speak at our regional school librarian conference.  His keynote and session were excellent, full of hands-on activities that I can use immediately.  His resources and books are engaging and appropriate for all levels of students.”

Media Literacy:  Integrating 21st Century Life Skills Across The Curriculum (EDC&I 495 B) virtual 9-week course, University of Washington (June-August 2021)
Perhaps no other topic is more important to include in educational curricula today to ensure creating an informed public for a healthy democracy than media literacy. Images and messaging have proliferated the American experience. Our youth know no other world. Current research shows that teens consume nine hours of a day of media for entertainment purposes alone. Teaching media literacy is crucial if we are to proceed with an informed public capable of critical thinking. Frank Baker’s Media Literacy course addresses this need head on by providing the participants with extended contextual information pertaining to media and culture, as well as extensive resources for teaching numerous topics within the large field of media literacy including books, articles, blogs, and a vast array of digital resources. Participants leave the course inspired, informed, and supplied with ideas and teaching resources to address everything from the history of image manipulation in the media to challenging “deep fakes” in the AI frontier today. All educators can benefit from this course, especially ELA teachers, Social Studies teachers, and Library Information Specialists. Media Literacy deserves to be charted in state curricula everywhere, and Frank Baker’s contribution to the field is helping bring about this required change while arming educators to forge ahead.”

”  This course made me more aware of the mediated world.  I look at every piece of media with a different perspective.  Now I ask myself, what is it really about, how is it being presented and why is the purpose of the media.  This course is so helpful for any teacher working with students who are constantly bombarded with media.”

“I very much appreciate Frank Baker’s Media Literacy course. All of the material he presents provides direct and practical application in our schools today. The skills needed to navigate the world of media  literacy, encourage students to become questioners, critical thinkers, and explorers of ideas. These are skills that are applicable to all parts of life and will help our students become confident adults and leaders.”

In this rapidly changing technological world that our students live in, it is incumbent on us as educators to teach them the tools they need to understand and think critically about the media that they are digesting every day. They know how to watch a million youtube videos and create funny memes and Tik Tok videos, but what they really need is to know how to think about what they are reading and viewing. Who created the funny Tik Tok video they’ve been sharing with friends and was there a purpose behind it besides entertainment? How are the neverending advertisements they see influencing their self-esteem and the way they view the world around them? What are the dangers of sharing an article or post on social media when they haven’t verified that the information is accurate? How can they create better quality media of their own that can influence the world for good? Our kids all know how to access and use media at its most basic level, but they need to learn how to critically think about it if they are truly going to become media literate.”

Media Literacy: Project Citizen (August 2021)

“Excellent presentation! Abundance of resources, information, links, videos, and visuals provided. I am definitely inspired to incorporate more media literacy lessons into my curriculum, and I look forward to furthering my knowledge of media literacy on your website! “

“I definitely intend to use some of the suggested resources about Lateral Reading (which I hadn’t heard of prior to yesterday), and will try to teach my students to be smarter consumers of information.” 

“I found the presentation very helpful and especially appreciate you taking us through some lesson ideas. I have also looked through the websites you recommended and am considering one of your books for the monthly lessons. This content, as you said, is more important now more than ever.”

“I particularly appreciate the variety of hands on materials I can use right away with students, and I know our groups benefitted from your attention to ensuring that these materials met the needs of both younger and older students.”

“I found the information not only relevant but also presented in a way that was accessible and clear. I agree that media literacy should be a course that all students take in high school…. I appreciated all the materials/resources that you shared as a reference.”

“While it was not possible to address this topic fully in the time allotted, I felt like every minute was used well. Use of relevant videos was a great way to break things up. I also felt that the length and content of the videos made them appropriate for classroom use as well.” 

“I thought your presentation was very informative and full of hands on, useful, real time information. I loved all of the methods you gave us to teach students how to become more literate. “

 “I loved the resources you provided and how you support getting students to consider visual literacy as well.”

“Media literacy is such an important topic for all of us but especially for our students.  Also, I am very grateful for the resources you gave us.  I look forward learning more about media literacy as I delve into the various sites you mentioned and of course your posts!”

“Your knowledge and identification of the problems were excellent. I think you gave data and examples for problems that teachers may know about peripherally but may not have thought of zooming in on;  I really liked your openness and willingness to discuss the issues. You actively invited people to participate and responded positively, while keeping the presentation moving.”

“The program information that you provided was excellent. It really widened the scope of how media plays a part in everyday lives and how to analyze it. It also puts a big fire under me to make sure I am teaching media literacy in my classroom for student competence in the real world.” 

“Your presentation was very informative and pacing was spot on.”

“Oh my gosh – so many resources – thank you!  I really, really appreciated the incredible amount of passion, time, and expertise that you gave us. I am also overwhelmed – I would love time to really practice and lesson plan with these resources.”

“I found yesterday to be an incredible mix of information and videos that are thankfully posted on the Padlet. For me as a learner, I would have appreciated the PowerPoints ahead of time so that I could follow along as you clicked through sometimes too quickly before I could write down the definitions or information on the slides.” 

Media Literacy: Critical Thinking for 21st Century Learners (Columbia Museum of Art, June 2021)
“Take the workshop to get immediate ideas and activities to take back and apply in your classroom!”
“This workshop clearly defined media and bolstered the idea that media literacy should be included in K-12 education.”

Helping Students Better Assess The Credibility of Information (SCASL Annual Conference, March 2021)
“I learned so many new tips for teaching students how to fact-check resources!”
“SOOOOO important in these times of fake news and inaccurate info. Great Session.”
” I loved the resources Mr. Baker shared.”
” I appreciate the thoroughness of the presenter’s research and I loved the many sources he provided.”
“This was a great session.”

Reading Pictures: Engaging Students With Visual Literacy Skills (SCASL Annual Conference, March 2021)
“Great information about teaching students to read pictures.”
“The most helpful part of this session were the many resources Frank shared including books and websites. Specific learning activities were also appreciated”
“I loved Frank Baker’s lesson ideas.”
“This was an engaging session on media literacy and visual literacy.”

Critically Analyzing Media (webinar, KQED Media Literacy Certification) South Carolina ETV,  February 1, 2021
“Frank is of course extremely knowledgeable, so I learned a lot, and built on the prior knowledge that I had. At the end of the hour I felt prepared to use his materials to create my own lesson in the very near future. His insights about how media materials are constructed to provoke certain feelings in the viewer are fascinating, and I think they will be a great way to introduce.”

Misinformation In The New Digital Age (webinar)  Atlantic Institute,  November 17, 2020
“I enjoyed the discussions and Mr. Baker’s insightful urgency toward raising our expectations for our students. It begins early. I love the Jefferson quote, that an educated electorate is critical to a democracy (paraphrased), more so now than ever before. The responsibility to develop critical thinkers lies with us.”  Social Studies educator, Spartanburg SCMedia Literacy: Critical Thinking for the Information Age (international webinar) July 30, 2020
“Listening to you on media and visual literacy was eye opening. Your practical approach towards decoding media messages and applying critical thinking to read between the lines was very helpful to me and my students. I have learnt understanding complexity of media in simplified manner from none other you.”   Asst. Prof. Bhavna Pathak, Department of Mass Communication, Prestige Institute of Management and Research, Indore (India)

Media Literacy Workshop, Regional SCASL Meeting, Florence Darlington Tech, February 29, 2020
“I love how Frank Baker gives you real activities that are authentic and promote and foster critical thinking for our students.” 

Media Literacy: Regional SCASL Meeting, Robert Anderson MS, Anderson SC, January 17, 2020
“I told a fellow media specialist that the session was great because it gives practical tools to use while teaching students. ”
“Frank Baker is a wealth of knowledge and has done the legwork for us to be able to teach our students how to interact with and understand the mountains of media they are constantly confronted with.”
” Media literacy is the future of our professional focus–you said this at the end of the third (concurrent) session and I’d already thought so which is why I came today.
” I just bookmarked your (Media Literacy Clearinghouse) website, and I plan to read through it for teaching ideas in the future!”

Media Literacy for School Library Media Specialists, Laurens 55, Laurens SC, December 10,2019
“Frank Baker has a wealth of resources and knowledge available to teachers, librarians, and students concerning media literacy.  He is passionate about media literacy and the role librarians and teachers have in teaching students  to think critically about the messages conveyed through media. He provides practical, useful strategies that can be used in any classroom.”

Media Literacy for 21st Century Arts Educators, Palmetto State Arts Ed annual conference, Spartanburg SC, October 13, 2019
“The two hour session went by too quick because Frank was so engaging with his material and also within our discussions.”
” Students need to be able to analyze and decipher the meaning behind the media text, and they need to be able to distinguish the real from the fake.”
” I cannot wait to use what I have learned in my Dance classroom as I see so many ways I can add these ideas to my classroom.  Thank you Frank Baker for leading this amazing session.”
“I really enjoyed the relevance and perspective of each of the media we explored.”

Teaching Students to be Critical Thinkers in A Fake News World,  Professional Development, Social Studies educators, Horry County Schools, August 12, 2019
“In a fake news society, it is critical that we give our students the digital literacy skills to prepare them to be apart of the informed electorate.  These skills are just as important as reading and writing.”
“Great seminar about the power of information and the importance of media literacy in the modern world.”
“This session gives practical lessons to use with students to improve their media literacy that can be implemented by any teacher.”
“Learning how to be literate in regard to media is extremely important as we continue to advocate for students in a “Fake News” world. This course was amazing, and I will use the tools I learned in my classroom for years to come! “


Understanding Media as Informational Text, Writing Improvement Network, Columbia SC, March 6, 2018
“It is critical that today’s generation learn how to analyze and evaluate the media with which they are bombarded daily.”
“….To teach kids to read (in) 2018, you must teach (them) media literacy..”
“…it is our duty to teach students how to function in a world with such diverse texts.”
“If our students don’t speak new media, how can they navigate and impact the world for the better”?

Understanding Viewing As Part of Literacy, SCIRA Pre-conference, Hilton Head Island SC,  February 22, 2018
“…if we would like to successfully prepare our children for the world, media literacy should be included..”
“Students are so immersed in media, it is an injustice not to adequately prepare them for how to evaluate it.”

Writing Engaging Media Literacy Lesson Plans, SCASL 2017 Pre-conference, Greenville SC, March 22, 2017
“Media literacy is essential for students in our media saturated world…we need to help them learn how to analyze, evaluate and create the media they are so busy consuming.”
“Teaching students how to understand the media around them and how to create their own media will give them a better understanding of how media and advertising works.”
“This is so important…we need to teach movies, youtube, videos, ads and so much more”
“Teaching media literacy will give our students essential skills for being critical thinkers in our 21st century world.”
“I love that it (media literacy) is so practical and applicable.”

Close Reading The Media, SC Assn of Middle Level Educators Conference, Myrtle Beach, SC, March 5, 2017
” Students are bombarded with media constantly throughout their day and don’t even realize it. Understanding intent and content of messages is a vital 21st century skill.”
” Teaching close reading of media is important because it allows the students to utilize their critical thinking skills.”
” In a media driven society, students must be aware of techniques used to influence their lives.”
” It is important that students understand the difference between what is real and fake in media..”
” Our students are surrounded by media and must learn to look at it through a critical lens.”

Media Literacy for Visual Arts Teachers, Williamsburg County PD, Kingstree SC, February 15, 2017
” good clear examples that make evident the importance of media literacy were offered, and great resources for teaching. enjoyable and worthwhile workshop”
“excellent information in helping to teach parts to art students about the connection between visual and media works.”

Media Literacy, Palmetto State Arts Education Annual Conference, Columbia SC  October 21, 2016
“Frank helped me tremendously with ideas, resources and knowledge. His website is a treasure chest!”

Creating Standards-Based Media Lessons, SC Assn. of School Librarians Annual Conference,  N. Myrtle Beach, SC  March 2, 2016
“As a result of this session, I am going to plan media literacy lessons for my students and teach them to become informed media users.”
“Media literacy is especially important as we move into the election year.   These kids will be voting in the election after this one.  They need to learn to be savvy media consumers if they are to be a truly ‘informed electorate’.”
“Media literacy can be the bridge to a struggling learner if used effectively. Students who are not as interested in print sources can be “hooked” with an analysis of photo(s), video clips, and periodical comparisons. These could very well engage the students without them even realizing they are learning about literacy! “
“I want to help my teachers build lesson plans around media literacy which allows the students to question and analyze media and eventually enhance that knowledge by creating media to interpret and explain what they know and have learned.”
“We teach students how to use different forms of media and explain to them why we use the different forms of media, but the students never understand how media is created and the processes that they go through before they become finished products.”
“I have already begun sharing with my friends how beneficial your session is – we don’t consciously realize that our children believe whatever they see on TV as the truth.”

Deconstructing Political Campaign Commercials,  Horry County Schools Professional Development Day,  Socastee SC, February 15, 2016
“educating students on the ‘behind the scenes’ of presidential campaigns can open their eyes to the truth behind media and what you need to know to make informed decisions.”
“Students in the 21st century have been bombarded by media/commercials and need the right tools for analyzing them in order to make informed decisions.”
“This session was a great place to learn how to create engagement in the classroom!”
“This workshop combined effective methods of critical thinking and collaborative learning.”
“Media literacy during a presidential campaign is eye-opening.”
“Media Literacy is a critical element that must be taught to our students. The political ad workshop addressed this issue.”

Reading & Writing With Media, Annual Conference SC Council of Teachers of English, Kiawah Island, SC, January 29 & 30, 2016
“when we acquaint students with the language of media, we give them valuable tools to navigate their increasingly, technology-saturated world.”

Media Literacy Professional Development Institute, Academy of  Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences, Beverly Hills, CA, January 15, 2016
“Engaging presentation, interesting topics: taught me how to have students read a film (instead of just watching it)”
“Wonderful! Very informative and filled with useful concepts that can be applied to teaching in an English classroom..and other curricula ideas!”

Media Literacy: Engage Students In Popular Visual Culture, SC Art Education Conference, Beaufort SC,  November 13,15, 2015
“This workshop is relevant for all teachers. This should be available more often at all staff developments.”
“(Frank’s) passion and hard work putting the presentation together is so inspiring! I am very excited to take these resources back to my classroom!!  Thank you!!”

Media Literacy (Elementary) Writing Improvement Network, September 29, 2015
“Frank used excellent, innovative ways to incorporate literacy and writing skills through media.”
“This presentation opened my eyes to the need for effective, on going media literacy instruction and training in order to truly have my kids prepared for the future. “
“This class gave me tons of activities to engage my students and incorporate some STEM activities into my class.”

Media Literacy (Secondary) Writing Improvement Network, September 22, 2015
“Frank Baker’s knowledge of teaching media literacy gives teachers a plethora of ideas and tools to go directly back into the classroom and engage students in becoming effective readers of the world around them.”
“Loved this. It helps me look at ads and various other media differently and I know it will help the kids.”

Media Literacy For Secondary ELA Teachers, Thief River Falls, MN September 17, 2015
“Frank did a wonderful job of bringing media to life and incorporating it into education. I have taken away many ideas to implement into my classroom.”
“This is one of the most useful workshops I have attended in 22 years of teaching. I can’t wait to incorporate ideas and lessons I learned in both my English and Computer Apps classes.”
“Whether  you’re a newbie or a veteran, Frank’s media literacy workshop is an incredible learning experience and support for your teaching. Not be missed.”
“Frank Baker gave great, user-friendly ideas on how to make teaching (media) literacy easy and fun.”

Creating Media Literacy Lessons That Work/Close Reading,  SCASL 2015 Annual Conference, Columbia SC, March 11, 2015
“Teachers in every subject area will benefit from Frank’s expertise….A must see for every media specialist: put him on your educational bucket list.”
“Frank Baker presents vital information about how to best incorporate media skills instruction into school library lesson plans.”
“Close Reading of Media Texts is an awesome workshop. It gives you a variety of ideas to incorporate into your classroom.”

Engaging Students In Their Media, Professional Development, Laurens 55 HS,  Laurens SC, February 16, 2015
“Valuable workshop to learn how to engage students by having them critically think about pictures, ads and videos.  Frank shares wonderful resources!”
“Frank Baker does an excellent job of explaining the power media messages have not only on our product choices but on our perceptions.”
“The close reading /media literacy  (examples) teaches children to look at things from a different perspective and be more open minded about their thinking.”
“We need to know how to dig deeper than just face value of an image and this workshop helps.”
“Great presentation! Loved idea of splitting up and having each person focus on a language of film and discussing it.”

Close Reading: Visual Literacy in a Digital Age, Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences,  January 9, 2015
“Media literacy is critical in a 21st century education because media dominates our world and our kids need to have the tools necessary to navigate the media world successfully.”
” Our students are media savvy and their world is influenced, manipulated and dependent upon their ongoing analysis and interaction with info gained via all media.”
“film/moving images is today’s literature”

Using Media As Texts: Engaging Students In Popular Culture and More,  SC Assn of Arts Educators Annual Conference, November 22, 2014
“After attending the workshop, I am even more eager to apply this information and techniques in lessons for my students.”
“I received an amazing amount of information and ideas I can now incorporate into my 21st century skills lesson plans.”
“My educational philosophy is strongly influenced by Baker’s writings on visual and media literacy. It’s something I will be teaching in my classroom.”

Advanced Close Reading of Media Texts: Horry Co Schools Professional Development, August 14, 2014
” If you aren’t using ads and pictures to enhance student learning in your classes–you must! This type of close reading and team activities are sure to enhance creativity among your students
and enforces analyzing pictures without text.”
” the media resources Frank shared on his website and how we can use them will be invaluable in helping our students write, ask high level questions and discuss”
“thought provoking…it would be useful for any social studies, English or literacy classroom.”

Close Reading of Media Texts, OELMA Summer Institute, Columbus OH, June 17, 2014
“Frank was an amazing coach today. He got all his team of media specialists, including one drama teacher and one History teacher, to rally together to look at a topic that is overlooked in our curriculum, Media Literacy. With Frank’s guidance, he inspired the whole team to dive into how they can use Media Literacy in the upcoming year. Bravo!”

Close Reading of Media Texts, SCIRA Conference, Myrtle Beach SC, February 21, 2014
” media literacy is necessary if our students are to become thoughtful/reflective media consumers. Splendid introduction to the topic.”
“I’m excited about trying Frank’s suggestions in my fifth grade class. I think my students will be excited.”

Close Reading of Media Texts, Berkeley County Teacher Forum, Cane Bay, SC, Summerville SC, February 14, 2014
 “Media is everywhere and needs to be an integral component of ELA classrooms in instructional strategies of the classroom in 21st century education.”
“Media literacy is critical for our students to objectively analyze and process the mass of media information in this world.”

Thinking About Media in a 21st Century Common Core World, Berkeley County Teacher Forum, Cane Bay, SC, Summerville SC, February 14, 2014
 “Media literacy challenges students to further analysis skills that can overflow into their reading ability.”
“The presentation and information gave backing to using certain media in the classroom.”

Analyzing and Understanding Media as a 21st Century Common Core Skill, Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, Pickford Center, Hollywood, CA,  January 8, 2014
“ literacy is so critical as a 21st century skill because it puts the power of persuasion into the hands of our future leaders. Students must learn to analyze media and recognize point of view so they can be literate consumers and producers of content”

“Our students everyday are being persuaded by visual rhetoric via film, TV, internet, smart phones, etc. so becoming critical readers of these visuals is an essential skill to learn in school”

“Teachers need to engage students with 21st century media–in all forms–as an entry into the standards and classics. CCSS call for the use of media as texts and as tools for creating and enhancing critical thinking in students.”

“Media literacy is literacy…period. Without it you and your students are blind and left behind.”

Creating Opportunities to Engage Students in A 21st Century World, Spartanburg 1, Chapman HS, December 3, 2013

 “Media literacy is a concept that is not given adequate attention in our schools. Students would benefit from classes that directly focus on these techniques.”

“Frank was great at introducing us to what media literacy really is.  So excited to implement these ideas to fully engage students with ‘real world’ techniques.”

“Frank Baker’s workshop was so worthwhile. He helped us explore media literacy and gave us several ideas to take back into the classrooms. His website too is packed with ideas.
This was an eye-opening experience that will change my way of teaching to enhance students critical thinking skills.”

“Media literacy must be infused into the curriculum in order to meet students where they are and engage–inspire them.

Understanding Media Messages, Inman Intermediate School, Inman SC, December 2, 2013
“Your sessions, both with students and teachers, have been some of the most valuable, relevant, engaging activities and trainings that  I have been a part of in my 17 years in education. Teaching our students to think critically and be “healthy skeptics” are lifelong skills that they need, and tapping into the media that is so much a part of their world is an amazing way to grab their attention and engage them in authentic ways. Just AWESOME!”  (Karen Bush, Principal)

Critical Thinking & Media Literacy,  Writing Improvement Network, SC State Museum, Columbia SC, September 24, 2013
” This (media) literacy is essential for our day and era since so much of our world consists of visual images.”
” relevant to Common Core..”
” Frank provided a cache of information to be used in the classroom….priceless!”

Screen Education: Engaging 21st Century Digital Natives In Media Literacy Education, ABC Project, Columbia SC, September 12, 2013
“ taking what students are already familiar with (the media), this (workshop) helps them to think critically..”
” this workshop offers a plethora of resources for application in the classroom.”
” ..this workshop helped me gain a firmer grasp on how important media arts is to teaching critical thinking skills and the link to CCS.”
” The in-depth information, teaching tools, and resources give educators an awesome look into the world of media arts.”
” Frank Baker lays out a comprehensive media literacy plan that can work in classrooms with students of all ages.”
“…energizing and inspiring–and loaded with a variety of resources.”
” This workshop can revolutionize the English classroom.”
“…offers real-world applications and ideas for incorporating media arts into my lessons.”
” I think the techniques shown would create a great deal of interest in student learning..”
” If we, educators, are truly focused on preparing our students for the future, we need to be including media literacy.”
” media arts is the missing piece to students’ critical thinking, understanding, and engagement.”

Media Literacy for the Library/Media Specialist: Charleston County District Schools, Professional Development, School of the Arts, N. Charleston SC, August 16, 2013
“Frank has an amazing collection of ideas and resources to bring media literacy into the library curriculum and classroom. Spending a day with him will give you a new vision for what is expedient and possible in educating 21st century learners.”
“Frank helped me learn how to incorporate more media literacy in my instruction which I believe will be beneficial to my students for their whole lives.”
“I have an arsenal of ideas to take back to my school to use with our students.”
“Mr. Baker gives you thought-provoking activities that help launch one to create mini-lessons for media literacy.”

Hooking 21st Century Students With Media & Popular Culture, Differientiated Instruction Conference, Las Vegas NV,  July 17 2013
“loved this presentation–so many great ideas ready to use for next year..thank you.”
” fun and informative…will be fun to incorporate this in class.”
” can’t wait to get back and start exploring your wonderful sites.”
” terrific presentation, practical ways to teach students about the media”

Re-Inventing How You Teach Reading & Writing in A Digital Age, Differientiated Instruction Conference, Las Vegas NV,  July 17 2013
“I love the idea of digital literacy and giving my students a better understanding of the media through critical thinking. Thank you!”
“This topic is critical because 21st century writing is not taught in school, yet those skills are needed in today’s world..”
“This (workshop) shows a great real world example/use for writing and why it’s key to our kids’ future.”

Core FUNdamentals: Using Media In The Arts & Beyond To Engage Students and Meet CCSResearch to Practice PD Institute, SC State Dept of Ed, Elgin MS, July 8, 2013
“Frank explained and demonstrated easy ways to incorporate digital media into any classroom.  This class was not (just) designed for the art classroom, but rather a variety of core curriculum classes as well.”
” fast-paced and highly entertaining….very worthwhile workshop..”
” Mr. Baker’s insights on incorporating media literacy will definitely engage my students in those necessary 21st century skills while maintaining high expectations for my students.”
“This course has given me the confidence to teach the media art standards in the elementary setting. I love the many resources.”

Close Reading of Media Texts, SC Education & Business Summit, Greenville SC, June 25, 2013

” what a wonderful way to teach purpose and audience”

 “this is where our students live–why not meet them where they are”
” All educators should utilize (Frank’s) services and the resources provided for student achievement.”

Media Literacy Meets New Literacies, OELMA Summer Workshop, State Library, Columbus OH,  June 19,2013
“We need to teach students how to effectively analyze and create all literacies.”
“This workshop made me realize that the things of our lives (advertising, photographs, film) are being neglected in the curriculum and can so easily be part of all lessons.”
“78% of teens spend 62% of their day looking at a screen” we as media specialists need to show kids how to verify or dismiss this quote through media literacy (education)

Close Reading of a Media Text,  SC Midlands Summit: Richland District 2, Westwood HS, Blythewood SC,  June 13, 2013
” This (media literacy) training is extremely important in helping (us teach) young people (to) become aware of the real world/purposes of media , and (how) it can help them be more deliberate about what/how they watch and how they think about what they are watching.”

Close Reading of Media Texts, Midlands Writing Project,  Meadow Glen ES, Lexington, SC June 12, 2013
“Frank Baker opened my eyes to the many connections between media and Common Core. Using media is a great way to get all students engaged!”

Media Literacy For the Arts, Video Production Institute, SC ETV, Columbia, SC  April 27, 2013
“This workshop not only exposed us to the new and growing world of media literacy but (also) allowed us to experience and apply the knowledge in ways we can take it straight back to the classroom tomorrow!”
” inspired me with the relevance of media literacy and gave me the nuts and bolts to teach it.”

Media Arts & Media Literacy, Dorchester 2 Professional Development,  Ashley Ridge, HS, Summerville SC, March 13, 2013
“this is specifically what students need to know to survive & excel in this new media & visual driven world.”
” many of the ideas presented can be applied to a variety of subjects”

What Every Media Specialist Should Know About Media Literacy, SC Assn of School Librarians 2013 Conference, Columbia SC March 6, 2013
” I was able to get a better understanding of media literacy and received ideas/suggestions on how it can enhance teaching & learning.”
“…an excellent mix of lecture, demonstration and supremely relevant activities.”
” this is how our students relate….this presentation will really help.”
“media literacy IS critical thinking…what the Common Core standards are all about.”
” lots of current examples (of) how to incorporate media literacy into our current curriculum.”

CCS, Digital Resources, Media & Visual Literacy, Horry Co Schools PD, Conway SC, February 18, 2013
(this workshop)”offers insight into propaganda I have not previously known–to locate resources.”
“crucial information to impart to kids who are tech-savvy but interpretive neophytes.”
” with the emphasis on media communication (i.e. twitter, facebook, etc) we (teachers) need to be aware of what students are exposed to”
” Frank is aware of what interests our adolescent visual learners and it’s evident in his media literacy workshops!”

Close Reading of Media Texts, eOhio Educational Technology Conference, February 12, 2013
” most useful workshop of the day”
I like how you incorporated higher level thinking in Bloom’s taxonomy in your lesson.”
Your presentation gave me more ideas while validating what I already do. ”
“I can’t wait to view your website! It seems to have a wealth of knowledge just calling out teachers to use it to plan stronger curriculum and lessons with our changing youth.

Frank W. Baker was a very knowledgeable and charismatic speaker. He wove humor and knowledge together to create a fast paced session.
” (this presentation) helps you the teacher think about media differently, to then pass onto students.”

Media Literacy, Metropolitan Education Council, Columbus, OH, February 11, 2013
“A whirlwind of ideas any educator can use to enhance critical thinking skills necessary for today’s students.”
“Frank shares his insights in an approachable way while making suggestions that are almost immediately implementable in the classroom.”
” My second grade teacher recently told me that her students do not know how to ask questions. I can use the photo analysis worksheet to help with this concept.”
” very valuable seminar!”
” This presentation opened by eyes to an area of education that is not given much attention. All the information was extremely relevant and definitely would engage all of our students.”
” He made me feel excited about teaching media literacy, of which, it has made me uncomfortable before today.”
” Thank you. You have opened my eyes to so many possibilities.”
” If we as teachers could do everything Frank told us about, students would enjoy education (school).”

Close Reading, SC Emerging Technology Conference, Keenan HS, Columbia SC, February 9, 2013
“Frank makes ‘close reading’ understandable and accessible to those of us who never had formal education in this before.”
“Close reading is important, especially in media literacy, because our students need to know how to navigate a highly digital society in this information age.”
“Teachers and media specialists need to help students learn how to evaluate the media.  Frank Baker’s work is key to this.”

Close Reading of Media Texts,  SC Council of Teachers of English Annual Conference,  Kiawah Island, SC,  January 25-26, 2013
“close reading of media texts is applicable to the real world and that is what we are preparing our children for, the real world.”
“close reading of media texts is a critical skill for 21st century education..”
(this workshop) “helps students make meaning of their world (which) is filled with media communication”
“students need to be critical of what is presented in all formats in order to better survive, navigate and contribute to the 21st century and beyond.”
“Mr. Baker gives specific useable tools to educators to help us teach media literacy to students.”

Media Literacy For the 21st Century Arts Classroom,  SCAEA, Annual Conference, Myrtle Beach SC, October 25-26, 2012
“Frank Baker’s approach is the ‘smack in the face’ many art educators need to step into the modern and socially relevant classroom.”
“This workshop helped us identify the importance of teaching media art/literacy accompanied with lesson ideas. Extremely helpful!”
“An engaging introduction to critical/media consumption and production for k-12 students.”

Media Literacy: A Key 21C Skill All Students Need, OELMA 2012 Annual Conference, Sandusky OH, October 18, 2012
“great session packed with ideas that can be implemented immediately in the classroom”
“Frank continues to be a vital voice to help us understand and relate to  how our young people view the world–it would behoove us to listen.”

too many ideas to pack into one short conference session: I need at least one entire day to learn the basics from Frank Baker.”
” Frank helped me to think about how I can help students think more critically about media and media messages.”

Media Literacy As 21st Century Common Core Skill, SC Ctr for Children’s Books & Literacy, Columbia SC, October 13, 2012
“this is a vibrant, cogent way to bring students to learning with examples from all media that command their attention and hopefully lead to lasting impressions.”

Media Literacy Across the Disciplines, Pelion HS, Pelion, South Carolina, October 11, 2012
” teaching media literacy gives students concrete examples of how math is used in a real-world setting.”
“very engaging and interesting”
“this presentation is STELLAR for ELA/SS teachers! This material is exactly what our students need to know to be successful  in these courses and in life.”

Critical Thinking & Viewing: Key Components of Every Digital Native’s Education, SCAAE Annual Conference, Columbia SC, October 4, 2012
” This is essential information for any general classroom educator interested in integrating new media literacy in their curriculum.”
” I’m disappointed that I had only one hour with Frank when I wanted days!”

The Role of The Media In The 2012 Presidential Campaign, Annual Conference, SC Council Social Studies, Greenville SC, September 28,2012
I can honestly tell you that I enjoyed your session the most at the conference. I gained a wealth of knowledge to take back and show my students about the election. They will be voting the day before the election in library, so that’s going to be a big deal for them. I plan to show them the rap on SUPERPACs, flackcheck and other websites, and discuss that the clips you see are tailored to fit the ad, not necessarily all/how things were said and meant to be taken. It’s a matter of portrayal. It’s times like this I wish I majored in poli sci and not history.

I attended your session on Friday. It was fantastic. I love the way that you used items that kept us involved and entertained. I know for sure that I can do the same with students.

Teaching Media & Film In 21st Century Classrooms, LexRich5 PD, Dutch Fork MS, August 16, 2012
“students will not only become more critical thinkers, they will (also) be enthused about learning..”
“this workshop opened my eyes and ears. Can’t wait to see how it works with my students. I think it will really engage them.”
” Frank uses multiple resources to demonstrate how critical thinking skills can be taught and applied in the classroom.”
” Frank advocates using relevant and extremely influential mediums to empower students to think creatively & critically.”
“…insightful tips for teaching media arts in your classroom.”

Media Literacy for Gifted & Talented Teachers, Anderson 1, Powdersville ES, August 1, 2012
” it gives you the tools and ideas that you need”
” I can implement everything he presented in my classroom immediately and have my students actively engaged in lessons
using technology and critical thinking”
” well worth my time! Very engaging session”
” a fun way to incorporate state standards while teaching media literacy”
” this workshop is a valuable tool for teachers of gifted and talented teachers”

The Media as Art & Text: Understanding & Implementing The New VPA Media Arts/Media Literacy Standards, Lugoff-Elgin MS, July 16, 2012
” There is no one in education that covers the depth and breadth of digital/print media that Frank Baker conveys–His workshops are intense,
engaging, and relevant for all educators.”

K-12 Media Literacy: Critical Thinking for The Digital Information Age, SC Ctr for Children’s Literacy & Books, Columbia SC, June 14, 2012
” this is a great workshop…to get great dynamic ideas to reach the student and the reluctant reader.”
” shows the value of teaching media literacy with ready-to-implement lesson plans and resources.”
” I learned so much and got a number of standards-based ideas.”

Engaging The Eye Generation: Visual/Media Literacy Education- Important 21st Century Skills All Students Need, June 12, 2012
“Frank Baker brings media literacy to life for teachers.”
“…engages the audience with his insight on media literacy;…limitless ideas..”
” Every ELA teacher needs this workshop!”
” Education without media literacy in our time will leave students at a disadvantage.”

ML & 21stC Skills, SC Midlands Summit, Rich District 2, Blythewood HS, June 7, 2012
” Frank will inspire you, amuse you, maybe even shock you. Make space in your day for anything he has to offer.”

Intro to Media Literacy, Video Production In The Arts, SC ETV, Columbia SC, April 28, 2012

“our society is saturated with messages..we have to be sure our students understand how this impact their lives…(this workshop)
gives them the knowledge, tools and resources to make informed decisions.”
“media literacy connects to so much in the classroom..the importance needs to be emphasized.”
“the info we received helps me both as an individual consumer as well as an educator in the arts”

Media Literacy: Part of the 21st C Skills All Students Need, SCASL 2012, Greenville SC, March 14, 2012
” I am much more motivated to use media literacy on a regular basis (because of this workshop)”
” one of the most dynamic and useful workshops I’ve attended”
” two hours is not enough…(need you) for the whole day ”
“Baker is knowledgeable and creative in his presentation…a good foundation..and springboard”
” a wonderful introduction to the very important task of teaching media literacy to our children”
” informative and interesting”
“his passion for the subject shines through”
” a great way to teach students where they are”

21st Century Skills For Critical Thinking, Lex/Rich 5 Professional Development, Irmo HS, Irmo SC, February 20, 2012
“I’m excited to utilize these materials in my ELA classroom. Frank gives practical ideas for lessons to engage the 21st century student.
“this was fascinating, eye-opening and a very worthwhile use of professional development time.”
” He was informative, gave me many ideas I can use in the classroom, but was also entertaining and kept me focused and interested.”
If you are unaware of how to engage children in the critical thinking process through visual and media literacy—either attend a workshop facilitated by Frank Baker or spend lots of time navigating his website. He is a wealth of forward thinking.”

Media Literacy, SLIS 202 (Information Literacy & Technology), Univ. of South Carolina, January 25, 2012

“You bring a level of professionalism and expertise ….Your presentation was both informative and stimulating (to my students)”
Patrick Roughen, University of SC, PhD candidate

Using Media & Popular Culture As Stimulants to Learning,  Anderson 3 PD, September 26, 2011
“Media literacy should be at the forefront of education with all that individuals are bombarded with. Frank gives you tools to use as educators to better understand and analyze these widely used mediums.”
“This workshop helps us with strategies and direct questions students need to (ask) when looking at images, ads, films or even literature…”

Deconstructing Photographs: A Visual Literacy Workshop, SC Alliance for Arts Education, Charleston SC, September 22, 2011
Introduction to the Media Arts Standards, SC Alliance for Arts Education, Charleston SC, September 22, 2011

“In order to enhance the critical thinking skills, and promote empathy of today’s students, one would be wise to use Frank Baker as  a resource in their arts classroom.”
“This was by far the best seminar of the entire conference !”
“This presentation will enable students to become more critical partakers of the media world about them.”
” Frank has taught us a whole new way to look at our world.”
” I never thought to use pictures and media like this.”
” Our administrators need to see this presentation.”

Health, Wellness & Media Literacy, Upper Arlington District, Columbus OH, September 15, 2011

This was a great workshop with lots of good, relevant examples that made the learning visible. Gave me numerous ideas of how to use ML lessons not just in isolation, but in every lesson.
In health, we help students learn the facts about health issues, but we also need to impact Healthy Behavior Outcomes. The use of  media literacy can help affect HBOs as students learn the propaganda techniques and other persuasion techniques.

Engaging the Eye Generation: Helping Students Become Visual and Media Literate in the 21
st Century,
Research to Practice PD Institute (SC State Dept of Education), Lugoff SC, July 13, 2011

” The information, examples and resources Frank brought to this workshop certainly opens up new possibilities
for students and teachers to engage in media literacy at all grade levels and competency/comfort levels.”

Media Literacy In Art, Summer Teacher Institute, Peace Center, Greenville SC, June 20-21, 2011

“I have found numerous techniques to engage my students through media.”
“his workshops (are) exciting and thought provoking.”
“The past two days have been a huge eye-opener, helping me build confidence in teaching media literacy..”
” Frank did an excellent job showing classroom teachers how to integrate media literacy into their curriculum.”
” I have really enjoyed this workshop. He made me realize how many different ways media literacy can be used in the classroom.”

Popular Culture & Media Literacy, Upstate Technology Conf, Wade Hampton HS, Greenville SC, June 14, 2011
“awesome workshop. I wish it was longer.”
” no one at this conference has mentioned critical thinking or 21st century skills until just now…thank you…”
“Frank makes a great case for teaching media literacy.”
“excellent approach to critical thinking”

Putting Media Literacy To Work in The Classroom, Digital Wave 2011 Conference, ErieBOCES1, Buffalo NY, May 24, 2011

“Not only was Frank excited about what he studies and teaches, but he cares that we as teachers implement media literacy when
we get back into the classroom by giving us lessons, websites and resources to help our instruction.”
“Media literacy instruction is a critical component to students being college and career ready upon graduating high school. Teaching
media literacy skills correlates directly with the new Common Core standards.”
“Frank’s presentation opened my eyes to how I use media and need to tweak it to promote media literacy. Fantastic workshop!”

Understanding Media Literacy, USC EDRD 715 (Inst Reading Strategies) Cayce SC, April 12, 2011
“Teaching students to be media literate is not an option. As teachers, we know we need to do it but don’t know how. Frank knows how!
“This workshop made me think about teaching students to be critical thinking in a different and engaging way.”

Video Production in The Arts; SC ETV, Columbia SC,  April 2, 2011

“Too often students believe if it is on TV or in print, it is true. This workshop is a beginning step to get students to take a closer look at what they see and question what is true.”

Pulling Back the Curtain on Media As Texts,  SC ETV, March 29, 2011, Columbia SC 
“presents cutting-edge ideas for engaging students”
” Great resources!”
” introduces the kinds of things we should be teaching”

Reading & Writing In A Digital Info Age, SC ETV, March 29, 2011, Columbia SC 
“this presentation was interesting and provided engagement for the novice and the veteran.”
“excellent, eye-opening presentation, very helpful info for planning better lessons”

Engaging the Eye Generation, SC Assn of School Librarians 2011 Conference, March 10, 2011, Columbia SC
” If your district has the funds to bring Frank Baker to your school you will not be disappointed. His presentations reach everyone across the curriculum and everyone can take something away to use.”
“I was a little iffy about this session, but I knew Frank Baker’s name and decided to give it a try. It was much more interesting and relevant than I had thought.”
“Educating students on the visual images that bombard them is our responsibility. If we do not do this we are missing the boat and failing our students. Forget NCLB..the kids will leave us behind. This is their world!”
” loved the advertising literacy segment!”
“In this day and age, where technology is prevalent, students need visual, media literacy!”
“After one of your presentations, I had our school modify our Journalism class; it is now a Media Literacy class. Teachers utilize your website of resources.”
“I needed to use the restroom, but Frank was so engaging that I didn’t want to miss even a moment of the session.”

VPA Standards, Media Literacy & Toy Ads, Ashley River Creative Arts Academy ES, Charleston SC, February 16, 2011
” fabulous presentation to help teachers create opportunities for students to use higher level thinking skills while
learning media literacy.”
“Frank is dynamic and engaging. His ideas grab the audience and get our creative ideas flowing!”
” thank you so much for bringing some exciting new methods/ideas for arts education/integration”

Reading and Writing In A Digital Age, SC Council of Teachers of English, Kiawah Island, SC, January 28, 2011
“you gave strategies and examples that lit an instant fire in my mind for ways I can take this session back to my class.”

Reading and Writing In A Digital Info Age, SC IRA Mini Conference, Eagle Nest ES, N. Charleston SC, November 13, 2010
“In the eleven years since I fell in love with the Media Literacy, I have attended every presentation in South Carolina that Frank Baker has made, that I could get to.  I always learn something new, and get excited all over again about the subject matter.  His passion is infectious and he possesses vast knowledge about his subject.  Your heightened enthusiasm easily transfers to your students; but if you are reluctant, he will come to personally to assist.  One of the Media Specialists best friends’ with an amazing website that always has something new to offer, I heartily recommend that you get to know Frank Baker.  If you get the opportunity to attend his presentation at your next conference or PD run! don’t walk, and sit up front.” Lynne Douglas Simmons, Colleton County High School

Reading and Writing In A Digital Info Age, Hampton 1 Professional Development, November 10, 2010
“What a valuable way to teach critical thinking to our students!”
“This workshop gave me information that I was not aware of. It gave me some great activities to take back to my classroom to use.
Can’t wait to take these back to my students.”

Putting Media Literacy To Work in The Classroom, Media Literacy Week, St Louis MO, October 5, 2010
” Frank Baker does an excellent job teaching the teachers how to incorporate media literacy into their classes.”
” I loved how you provided so many examples–got me very excited to teach ML.”
” Frank Baker effectively engages his audience and challenges educators to understand the importance of teaching today’s learners.”
” Frank is a bright spot in media literacy.”

Introduction of the Visual/Performing Arts Standards: Media Literacy, SC Alliance for Arts Ed Conference, Columbia SC, September 23, 2010
“one of the most valuable sessions I’ve attended in 4 (or 5) SCAAE conferences”
“This was a good workshop. I feel more confident already regarding media literacy and look forward to reviewing and studying resources on the website.”
“I’ll now look at media in a much different light. You did a great job of picquing my interest.”

Visual Literacy & Images from History: Engaging the Digital Natives in 21st Century Learning, Horry County Schools, Myrtle Beach SC, August 12, 2010
The presentation provides ideas that can be applied to a myriad of historical events.”
” I have always thought that images were powerful teaching tools, but Frank’s workshop helped me see new uses for visuals in my classroom.”
” Frank was generous with his sharing of visual literacy techniques, examples and research. I will most definitely use his suggestions in my 7th grade world history classroom.”
” a must-see presentation…powerful presentation on the power of perception and reality using images”

Reading & Writing In A Digital Information Age: Professional Development, Horry County Schools, Myrtle Beach SC, August 12, 2010
This is the most relevant and applicable workshop any area teacher could attend.
Without doubt- do not miss any opportunity to learn with Mr. Baker—there is always something you can bring back to your classroom- school- community
other comments posted here

Using The Media To Teach 21st Century Skills, Teacher Tech Days, SC-ETV, Columbia SC  July 27-29, 2010
” professional, engaging, informative”
” a staff development class that has the potential to change the future of my English classes.”
” ..this workshop helped me to become more aware of what media literacy is and how useful it can be when viewing..”
“..helped me understand steps for analyzing media and ways to guide students through analysis.”

Reading and Writing In A Digital Age, Upstate Tech Conference, Greenville SC, June 23, 2010
“this workshop has provided me with the most ideas that I can use in class. This is a terrific workshop.”
“wonderful session…best I’ve attended.”

Media Literacy: One of the 21st Century Skills, Palmetto Assn. Ind. School Technology Symposium, Converse College, Spartanburg SC, 4/19/10
“Enjoyed testing my media literacy in the second session of Mr. Baker’s presentation. I can see adding an entire unit on
advertising and its influence to my art curriculum. “

Media Literacy: The Critical 21st Century Skill, NE Media Literacy Conf., UCONN, Storrs CT, 3/26/10
“Media and visual literacy are critical to the survival of a democracy. Our schools must provide this education.”
“Knowledgeable, personable, and engaging!”
“There were great, applicable lesson ideas.”
“Frank’s presentation made an approach to media in the classroom very useful and current and engaging across the curriculum.”
“so relevant to kids’ worlds”

Using Media & Popular Culture to Teach 21st Standards, SCASL, N Charleston SC,  3/24/10
“This session hit the nail on the head.”
” This workshop was amazing!”
” This was incredible”
” Frank Baker is one of the few people today who is addressing this important issue”

Using the Media to Teach 21st C Skills & Standards, Teacher Tech Days, SC ETV, March 17-19, 2010
“I was unaware of the full concept of media literacy. After the workshop today, I feel prepared and am excited about
incorporating various aspects of media literacy with my students.”

“Frank continues to share his knowledge and passion for how vital it is that students be taught media literacy to
make them educated about all they see in media.”

” It gave me lesson ideas that I can use immediately.”

Reading and Writing In A Digital Age, SC IRA, Myrtle Beach, SC, February 19, 2010
“this was great! learned lots !!”
(among other things) “Frank expanded on the benefits of studying advertisements..he gave several critical thinking applications”
” Frank makes everyone feel they can do this”
“great session!”

Putting Media Literacy To Work In The Classroom, Media Literacy Symposium, SINGAPORE, Nov 25, 2009
“It is an eye opener and an extremely useful session on the importance and relevance of media literacy in today’s context.”
“An illuminating session that encapsulates the demands of teaching the present generation with sound strategies.”
“The presentation was clear and supported by experience and diverse resources. Mr. Baker works though the theories and materials with his audience.

“Frank’s ability to engage all teachers who have innate desires to bring new tools into the classroom is amazing. In retrospect, amazing may still be an understatement.”

Critical Thinking About The Media In Social Studies, Horry Co Schools (SC) Prof Dev, October 30, 2009
“this was one of the best workshops that I have attended in many years”
“this is an absolute must have. I feel every teacher should have opportunity to enhance their teaching skills”

Creating Media Smart Students: Media Literacy for 21st C Learning, Lindenwood University, St Charles, MO, October 8, 2009
“Media literacy education is essential for 21st century learning… Frank Baker engages his audience in hands-on engaging
activities that bring media literacy to life”

Media Literacy,  Communications Class, Lindenwood University, St Charles, MO  October 8, 2009 (comments from student blogs)
Mr. Baker has forever changed the way that I will view media and he has made me a much more wary and savvy consumer.
he captured us with a great topic and made it very clear how strongly he believed what he preached. I thoroughly
enjoyed listening to him lecture about his beliefs on the changed greatly needed in today’s school.

This lecture will really make me pay more attention on how advertisers work. I won’t be able to watch a commercial without thinking
about the things…. here. It has been real eye opening for me

Media Literacy (for ELA Teachers) Eagle Pass ISD, Eagle Pass TX,  August 14,15,17, 2009
” this workshop encourages creativity, inference, and sparks imagination in a whole new level by teaching media literacy.”
“great presentation, awesome activities”
” this workshop was awesome and applies to the trend of the 21st century classroom”
” students will certainly learn higher ordering thinking…”

Visual Literacy: Understanding Images in History and Popular Culture, NAMLE, Detroit MI Aug 2, 2009
” Frank’s session on visual literacy promotes the process of engaging students in analyzing visual and
digital images from the past and present.”
” Frank Baker’s ideas about visual literacy can be used by teachers–K-12 and college! He has great ideas
that make us think and reflect on what we do in our classes.”

Winthrop University Summer Writing Institute, July 21, 2009
“for our students to strengthen their reading, writing and comprehension skills, media literacy really
provides a practical way to deconstruct information today’s students can relate to”
“students would love the opportunity to be apart of the activities using media and technology”
“this workshop was worth taking a day out of my summer to learn how to teach media literacy”
“Frank Baker guides instructors through the media process”
” today’s workshop was fun, engaging and informative”

Media Literacy & 21C Skills, Upstate Technology Conference, Greenville SC, June 24, 2009
” (this topic) will grab students’ attention and get them thinking critically”
” This workshop offers valuable resources through the MLC website as well as teacher-friendly ideas to
incorporate in my classroom.”
“…really opened my eyes to what truly makes up and is behind media and how important media literacy is..”

Media Literacy & 21C Skills, South Carolina ETV, Columbia SC, March 17-19, 2009
” this seminar truly taught me how important media literacy and critical thinking about media is
and should be relevant to my students.”
” Frank makes me realize the importance of media literacy instruction, even in my 5th grade ELA curriculum,
because even at age 10-11, children are already overly influenced by media images and propaganda and
believe without scrutiny much of what they hear/see on TV”
” eye-opener; extremely valuable..”
” Frank’s workshop helped to connect-the-dots between print and non-print resources and how to use both
to allow students to express their thoughts, and think deeply about what is read, heard, and viewed.”

Media Literacy & 21C Skills, SLIS 202, University of SC, February 18, 2009
“(hearing) Frank Baker was truly a delightful experience. His expertise in media literacy is phenomenal,
and after his presentation I felt very informed and eager to educate myself more about the
awareness of media literacy. His approach during the presentation keep me wanting to hear
more about media literacy and the ways I can stay informed as a parent. 

“I think Frank’s idea for teaching kids that this is how commercials and radio ads are constructed would be a terrific lesson.”

Media Literacy & Critical Thinking: 21st Century Skills, Georgia Council of Teachers of English, Jekyll Island, GA, February 7, 2009
” this was the best session I attended. I wish the session had been longer.”

Film in the Literature Classroom, SC Council of Teachers of English, Kiawah Island, SC, January 31, 2009
“working through a movie clip, viewing and focusing on one film attribute, was quite revealing.”
“being immersed in analysis makes an impact–thank you for engaging us in the process !”
“you will leave his workshop with ideas that will enrich your curriculum and teaching.”

” Frank Baker’s passion for media literacy is contagious. Everything he talks about is current and
relevant to our student’s needs.”

Critical Thinking & 21st Century Literacy Skills, SC Literacy Conference, Charleston SC, December 8, 2008
” (Frank ) offered perspective not normally presented in professional development sessions. The
techniques (he demonstrated) would definitely engage students.”

Informational Texts/From Novel to Film, White Knoll High School, Lexington SC, November 12, 2008
“high interest- not dull and tortuous like most of these required things are–I loved it.”

Media & Politics, Using Info Resources, SLIS 220, University of SC (these are student reflections)
” a good speaker who encouraged class participation”
” I felt like his presentation was very informative and eye opening.”
” (his) presentation has made me begin to think of ways I could potentially incorporate media literacy
into my curriculum in the future.”
” a lot of fun, very well spoken and very informative”

Looking Closer at Informational Texts, Professional Development Day, Horry Co Schools, Myrtle Beach SC, August 19, 2008
“nice to have activities that I can immediately use in my class”
” fantastic tool to engage students”
” interesting, fun, and engaging”
” I always walk away with concrete examples”
” made me feel more comfortable using informational texts; I’ve learned great techniques to teach bias and propaganda.”
” I have gained fresh ideas about how to connect students to the challenges and opportunities of today’s informational texts.”
” Mr. Baker didn’t waste time with things we could not use. His examples and techniques can be taught tomorrow, and they will be”

Analyzing Political Campaign Advertising, Professional Development Day, Horry County Schools, Myrtle Beach SC, August 19, 2008
“a refreshing, interesting and informative discussion of media in politics”
“Frank Baker brings the real world into the classroom. He knows the right buttons to push to both entertain and educate”
“Frank’s presentations are modern, informative and efficient.”
“..presents a product that, if, it were for sale, would be a best seller!”
” Mr. Baker’s resources are very relevant to today’s students and will enhance student learning.”

Media in the Middle, Gilbert MS, Gilbert SC  August 12, 2008

“Frank Baker knows how influential the media is in students’ lives and he teaches teachers how to harness

the media’s power and use it to engage students and make them literate and well informed viewers.”

“Frank Baker is ‘right on the money’ with opening our eyes to get a glimpse into our students’ world and
how to integrate media literacy into our classrooms and media programs.”

“This was not a typical workshop. It was relevant to all content areas and kept you very involved. Time went by very quickly, which means I enjoyed it.”

“Your presentation was a good catalyst to start our creative juices flowing, here at the beginning of a new school year.”


Media Analysis+ Media Production= Media Literacy, SCETV, Columbia SC July 29-31
” ..highly engaging and informative…I walked away today with a ton of social studies lesson ideas..”
“Frank Baker’s message is an important one. It’s about relevance and engagement-two necessary ingredients
to make the classroom successful and to make students productive citizens”
“Frank uses great visuals to communicate the importance of media literacy. The hands-on activities helped me
learn a great deal.”

Using Edward R. Murrow Broadcasts As Primary Sources, Democracy, Diversity & The Media, Appstate Edu., Boone NC 7/21/08
” made teachers feel comfortable in exchanging points and questions”
” provided relevant resources and creative strategies for incorporating them into the social studies classroom”
” excellent information”
” Baker’s information on Murrow was in-depth and informative”
” engaging and thought provoking”

Media Literacy, Professional Development Day, EL Wright MS, Columbia SC, 7/16/08
” I learned more than I have ever learned from any other presenter in a one day workshop.”

Media Production In The Classroom, AC Flora HS, Columbia SC, 6/17/08
“this workshop truly provides quality real life images common to a diverse population of students to use as a
catalyst to sift through information.”
“very practical, useful information to use in all classes to teach the standards for media literacy.”
“every teacher needs this….this would enhance your lesson plans tremendously.”
“easy, enjoyable and informative”

Media Literacy: LMS Summer Institute, SC State Department of Education, Columbia SC 6/16/08
 “media literacy is more important than ever. This workshop was interesting and relevant to my library media program.”
“today’s workshop was powerful. It makes me wonder why I haven’t taught some of these things before.”
“Learning about media literacy enables me to teach my students important life long skills. Not only was I provided with
important concepts, but also exercises I can use in the classroom.”
“Frank is a dynamic presenter which will help teachers get into the media, and serve as a stimulus for our students.”
“The presentation is a great way to help students and teachers alike identify what really happens in commercials. The storyboarding exercise is a great writing tool!”

Media Literacy: 21st Century Skills- Teacher Tech Days, SC ETV, Columbia SC (4/23-25/08)
” I am leaving with several lesson plan ideas that I’m excited to begin drafting and putting into practice.”
“As a veteran teacher, I have made a concentrated effort to pay attention to the changing tides in education.
Media literacy is the wave of the future.”
” Before you may wonder: ‘why’s this important?’ After, you’ll wonder how you ever got along with it.”
” A very important topic that can be used in any subject area. What our students need to be thinking citizens
with tools to make wise decisions.”
” I learned specific activities that I can use in my classroom tomorrow and where I can find more easily.”
” This was great to enhance what I already know!”
“This workshop was awesome. I left the presentation with a new sense of teaching media and strategies
to use with my students!”

Media Literacy- Writing Improvement Network, Hursey ES, N. Charleston SC (4/9/08)
“Frank inspired us to put ourselves in our students’ POV- harnessing a never-ending interest in video as a tool in the classroom.”
“Frank Baker’s presentation effectively shows the variety of ways the media can be used in the classroom through
non-printed and printed sources.”
“It was not what I expected–it was more, much more: eye-opening, thought provoking–totally entertaining!”

Media Literacy, ELA Professional Development Day, Anderson 5, Anderson SC (2/18/08)
” enjoyable, engaging presentation !  This info can be applied to all subject areas and any grade level ! “
” definitely the best workshop I’ve been to this year.”
” Today’s workshop was interactive and engaging. I actually learned things that are practical enough to
apply in my classroom.”

Media Literacy, Professional Development Day, Union County Schools, SC (2/15/08)
” I will never be the same. This in-service workshop has empowered me to take (embrace) new challenges.
I am so excited about implementing media literacy into my lesson plans, procedures and everyday life. I will
never view commercials the same!”

Webinar: Reading The Media (NCTE, 2/5/08) Download the powerpoint from this webinar
” Fantastic session !”
” Thank you for putting in so much time and effort building these resources and your willingness to share them!”
” Good info. and the website will be visited.”

SC Literacy Conference, Charleston SC, ( 12/10/07)
“Fabulous presentation which made the importance of media literacy relevant and clear for multi-levels of students.”
” Media literacy is, one if not the only, sure way to prepare students to be literate thinkers and creators in today’s society.”
” This workshop is a real way to motivate students.”

2007 Fall Writing Conference, Greenville SC  (11/08/07)
“this was the highlight of the conference…every bit of information can be applied to our classrooms and SC standards.”
“I’m so glad you’re educating today’s educators on this surprisingly overlooked study.”
“This session is relevant to modern digital natives and shares many practical ideas for the classroom.”
“..he skillfully shows educator the importance of, and the necessity of, including media in the classroom.”

Media Literacy, ELA Professional Development, Horry County Schools, Myrtle Beach SC  (10/29/07)
” I was able to learn more about what needs to be taught rather than just talking about media literacy.”
” this workshop was just what I needed to add rigor and creativity !”
“…extremely relevant for teachers and students in this age of digital media…”
“…opened my eyes on how media literacy can be used in the classroom…”
” This workshop was both engaging and practical, filled with activities that can be used immediately.”

Using The Media To Teach Standards, Upper Coastal SC Middle School Assn, (10/24/07)
” This was timely. I’ve thought about the issue of media literacy, but I needed this fire lit under my feet.”

K12 Education in the Internet Age, EdTech 2007 PreConference, Myrtle Beach SC (10/24/07)
“I feel more media literate after attending this session.”
“Frank Baker is a great speaker who provides information on media literacy that is relevant to students
who will become life-long learners.”

Faculty Workshop: Fulton Normal Advance Technology Charter School, Greenville SC (10/22/07)
” Frank was very engaging. The information provided was so relevant in the media-dominated society
in which we live.”
” Mr. Baker is very knowledgeable and captivates the audience with his presentation.”

Understanding Political Advertising: SC Social Studies Conference, Myrtle Beach SC (10/05/07)
“Frank always provides insightful approaches to using media as a resource to improve instruction in a
meaningful way.”
“This workshop is extremely valuable. It is up-to-date and relevant to the modern class.”
“Frank always leaves me with valuable resources, tools and ideas to use immediately in my class.”

Reading Film: A Close Up Look at Point Of View-Making Sense of the Multiple Roles of Coaches, Columbia SC ( 9/20/07)
” This is an awesome opportunity for teachers to really engage students in a very different way!”
” The value of this workshop links film/media to capturing students’ interest and keeping their attention.
Learning is embedded–and engaging.”
” I can hardly wait to implement the point of view idea!”

Political advertising & media literacy, Social studies professional development, Murrells Inlet SC (8/20/07)
“excellent for critical thinking skills”
“very well organized, very informative, very entertaining. I would recommend Frank Baker highly”
” very informative, real world knowledge that students will be interested in and become fully engaged”

Teaching Critical Thinking With Media, ELA professional development, Myrtle Beach HS, Myrtle Beach SC (8/20/07)
“excellent presentation: he infuses humor with practical and necessary tips for incorporating media literacy into the classroom”
“important to know how images are created and the ‘language of film’ as its own form of communication”
“at first I was worried about the topic being over my head, but it wasn’t. I learned things I could immediately take back and use with my students the first week of school”

Media Literacy Across the Curriculum, Bishop Lynch High School, Dallas TX ( 8/16/07)
” entertaining, enlightening, surprising and relevant to all teachers of all subjects”
“your presentation was lively and relevant! Every department received specific ideas for inclusion of
media literacy in their content area. Media literacy is crucial for our students and ourselves!”

Using the Broadcasts of Edward R Murrow in The Classroom, National Media Ed Conference, St. Louis MO (6/24/07)
“hugely and effortlessly informative..seamless connected past to present in scholarly and compelling ways.”
“the use of audio clips as primary sources was inspiring”
“provided an informative presentation with opportunities for questions and discussions about the material…I
was engaged and intrigued by his presentation.”

Summer Writing Institute, Winthrop University, Rock Hill, SC (6/13/07)
(Note: this was a day-long interactive, hands-on session, designed to demonstrate how media are all about writing)
“Frank has made me aware of ways to think about and analyze different types of media.”
“..I was given a number of tools, resources, and motivation to incorporate this into my teaching.”
” A great workshop for upper elementary and middle school students; uses a variety of media that interest
these age groups to incorporate writing.”
“..engaging material that helps teachers address various standards.”
“…debunks the mysteries of how to translate media literacy to a sizable portion with hands-on appeal.”
“..opened my eyes to perspectives that students would not think about during exposure to multi-media.”

The Center of Excellence for Adolescent Literacy and Learning, Spring 2007 Conference, Clemson University (4/28/07)
“This workshop was valuable in adding additional concepts and/or techniques to my instructional material.”
“This is the best idea since copy machines replaced mimeograph! What a gift to give your students.”
“This workshop successfully gives effective strategies to teach students the relevance, successes and
pitfalls of media.”
“This presentation will help me generate new ideas. Thanks!”
” Media literacy is so much more concrete to me now–it’s not just TV/videos anymore.”

Media, Techniques & Writing: Ridge Spring Monetta ES/MS  (4/11/07)
“Frank provided hands-on examples of actual activities I could use in my classroom.”
“Mr. Baker’s knowledge and willingness to share was exemplary!”
“…valuable information & resources for teachers…”

Teacher Tech Day, SC ETV, Columbia SC (3/13-16/07)
“It’s not fair not to teach our kids how to think about the media and its impact on them.”
” Your presentation was very informative with information I will use in my classroom tomorrow.”
” Frank does an excellent job of providing information that is normally confusing for digital immigrants.
His ideas and techniques can be implemented the next day in your classroom.”

South Carolina Assn of School Librarians/Pre Conference Workshop, Columbia SC (3/7/07)
” a wonderful overview of what media literacy means to our school and our students”
” informative and thought-provoking”
“Frank has inspired me to integrate media literacy into the curriculum.”
” This has really opened my eyes about what media literacy is all about. I can’t wait to get started
using more media literacy-based lessons.”

SC Middle School Conference, Myrtle Beach SC (3/3/07)
“Frank Baker does a wonderful job opening our eyes to the messages of the media. These
messages are important for our students to understand and know how to produce.”

“his information is very organized and user-friendly.”

Professional development day, Dent Middle School, Columbia SC (2/16/07)
“our standards include educating students using non-print text, and now I know
what it means and have a foundation for doing it.”
“the examples on the website make the information user friendly, something that
can be immediately integrated.”

Workshop: Chestnut Oaks Middle School, Sumter SC (2/8/07)
“In an age where students are glued to media outlets (often multiple media outlets at the same time)
it is so important for teachers to know how to educate our students about the affects of media.
This fantastic seminar not only teaches educators about how to make students more aware of
what they are hearing and seeing, but also teaches how we can use this media, which students
put such a high value on, as a tool in the classroom.  I left the seminar with my mind reeling
with ways to energize my students through deconstructing and creating media.”
Sarah Summers, ELA teacher

SC Council for Teachers of English Annual Conference, Kiawah Island SC (1/26/07)
“The Internet is this century’s ‘Wild, Wild West’ There is no sheriff. Students need
the critical skills to evaluate what they read/view.”
“Students thirst for learning beyond what is traditional. Media literacy can promote
engagement with the potential to maximize student learning. It’s fun but relevant.”

Media Literacy: Workshop for Allendale-Fairfax HS, SC (1/23/07)
“Frank has made me look at non-print material in an analytical manner that
made the power and relevance of media come to life for me and my students”

SC Writing Improvement Network: Workshop on POV & Perspective in Film (1/17/07)
“media literacy is the future of education”

Best Practice Workshops, SC State Department of Education, Dec.6-7, 2006
“getting students the information they need to understand media….is critical to our future
as a society”
“priceless and timeless approach to thinking”
“Baker’s calm and objective presentation provides crucial information regarding
the deconstruction of text.”
“useful strategies and new perspectives on media and its possibilities”
“Frank is always informative and direct. He gets your attention about media literacy
because he lets you experience it for yourself.”
“his presentations are teacher-friendly with very applicable hands-on activities..”

Professional development day, Revere, Ohio, November 22, 2006
“wonderful, articulate speaker, full of excellent real life examples that will help
propel your curriculum into the current world where media influences all.”

from National Middle Schools Conference, Nashville TN, November 2, 2006
“excellent and inspiring.”
“I loved critiquing the videos…..great ideas and resources”

“Frank’s workshop has enlightened me to the value and relevance of using film and media in the classroom”
“This workshop helped jumpstart my brainstorming for getting more media literacy in my school.
“The ideas presented here today opened up doors and ideas I had not thought about before.”
“This presentation has rejuvenated me. I am looking forward to going back to school and waking my students
minds with media!”
“This is exactly the information I need to continue on with my quest for National Board Certification.”

OELMA (School Media Specialists) Annual Conference, Columbus OH October 12, 2006
“This is a valuable tool that students need to learn!”
“His presentation gave me the incentive to carry on and to do more with media.”
“This hour was full of ideas to use media that students gravitate to, to connect content. Thanks!”
“he gave me great ideas and resources to take back to my staff.”

Tobacco/Media Literacy student presentation, Lake Charles, LA
“Upon arriving in Louisiana Frank’s luggage was lost, along with all of his materials for the next day’s presentation.
But Frank was unflappable.  Not only did he take it all in stride, he made the presentation and the 110 students and adults in
attendance never knew he was missing his materials!  A true professional.” 

DC Sills, Co-Coordinator, Louisiana Youth Prevention Services/LA SADD

SC Social Studies Teachers Conference September 22, 2006
“passionate, enthusiastic presenter on how Murrow has both documented
and influenced history…I will definitely use this!”
“Frank knows how to talk to teachers. His ideas and resources can easily be
integrated into the social studies classroom.”
“Frank always provides informative presentations that offer excellent
resources that can be immediately applied in the classroom.”

Anderson One PD Workshop September 5, 2006
“Frank’s ideas and resources make media literacy relevant and
accessible to all students and teachers.”
“Frank uses lots of real life practical information to make his
presentations interesting and helpful.”

Centerville (OH) Teacher Testimonials of Aug.10, 2006
“all schools-public and private-need to have Frank Baker do
workshops on media literacy. We all need to be aware of this material.”
“every teacher should have to take this seminar”
“a wonderful, hands-on presentation covering many facets of the
basics of media literacy education”
“all classroom teachers, librarians and specialists (art, music) will
discover that media literacy is a necessary and do-able part of
effective teaching for 21st century students.”

Berkeley County Reading and Writing Institute, June 13, 2006
“this workshop is a valuable resource for teachers”
“Frank succeeds in bringing the real world to life in the classroom and provides take-back-to-the-classroom
activities that are appropriate for all grade and ability levels”
“WOW! it is amazing the tools we have for media literacy”
“everyone needs to see this”

Images of Youth 2006 Conference, University of Washington, Seattle March 20, 2006,
” good information, good pacing, gave resources that can be used in an ongoing basis”
” great leads to followup on after session”
” …excellent information and easy to understand”
” Frank is a wellspring of helpful ideas”
” accessible information from a variety of sources”

Columbus (OH) Public Schools PD: February 2006
” I now have a new tactic to get my students writing.”
” it’s about time to use the media to teach kids”
” knows how to captivate an audience”
” really eye opening..adults can benefit as much as students”

The following quotes are from teacher evaluations of a “Best Practices”
workshop series conducted for the South Carolina State Department
of Education, November 2005:
“liked the interactive nature of the workshop”
“the activities were ones that could be easily adapted to the classroom”
“I appreciate all information about having students be more interactive with film”
“great presentation: useful and informative”
“hands-on activities! This gives us an idea of how to adapt them for the classroom”

“Frank Baker was a wonderful asset to our third ILILE (Institute for
Library and Information Literacy Education) Summer Workshop series at
Kent State University.  Not only was his presentation well-delivered
and engaging, but he took much time to interact with our teacher and
school library media specialist participants one-on-one.  His media
literacy topics and examples were timely and relevant and supportive
to the Ohio Department of Education Library Guidelines.”
Christina Sent, ILILE Project Coordinator, Kent State University

The following quotes are from teacher evaluations of a day long
staff development workshop for Columbus (OH) Public Schools:
“an excellent speaker with many engaging activities”
“by far the best professional development day that I have attended”
“definitely information I will use with my students”
“the hands-on activities were enjoyable and helpful”
“Frank Baker’s perspective is vital for staff and students”

“I greatly appreciated and enjoyed your media literacy activity. Our kids are being
bombarded with food marketing and most of it is for the wrong kind of food.  They
worship the actors and athletes they see promoting these products.  The result is
an epidemic of teenage obesity and overweight related health factors.  Your media
literacy training is the only antidote they have.  I believe it will start them thinking
and hopefully start to change their behavior.  Your activities and graphics were
right on for a high school audience. You are doing a great service for our kids.”
Samuel M. Feldman Ph.D.  Physical Science Teacher, Hoboken (NJ) High School

“The students had a great day when you were here.
You were organized, you kept them moving, and you
stimulated conversation.”
Betsy Malone,
Middle School Director, Harpeth Hall School, Nashville TN

“While school library media specialists have traditionally dealt
with media literacy skills within the print environment, now that
multimedia products and programs comprise a significant segment
of all library media collections, it is important to expand the definition
of “literacy” and to develop the skills necessary to be effective
consumers of information presented through media.
Frank Baker’s workshops at the Ohio Educational Library Media
Association Annual Conference (OELMA,10/04) provided on-target
examples and a plethora of ideas to assist media specialists and
teachers in helping students learn how to critically “read” and
comprehend media messages.”  
Suellyn Stotts, OELMA Past-President

“Frank Baker is one of the most respected media education leaders in the
United States and an extraordinarily good guy to work with.  I recommend
him very highly.” Robert Kubey, Professor and Director, Center for Media Studies,
Dept. of Journalism and Media Studies, Rutgers University, New Jersey

“Frank’s work is first rate, and his message is one that will
help our young people become informed citizens and good
neighbors in the twenty-first century.”
Chuck Walker, NBCT Fort Mill High School, Ft Mill, SC

“Frank Baker brings an impressive combination of real-life
experience, theoretical understanding, and a keen interest
in helping others.  He uses his knowledge to create effective
and audience-specific presentations/workshops that provide
practical strategies for discussing media literacy.”
Dr. Kelly L. Richardson, Winthrop Writing Project, Rock Hill, SC

“you delivered to teachers standards specific, practical, real-life
ideas (with some participant engagement and great excitement)
that they can begin using Monday morning. That’s what teachers want.
I THANK you for such an exemplary sharing on how to impact student learning.”
Joyce Shelle, Secondary English Language Arts Learning Specialist,
Horry County (SC) Schools

Website Testimonials

From  101 Best Web Sites for Secondary Teachers,
James Lerman, (ISTE) page 41

“the highest quality information now available on media literacy teaching and learning………Media Literacy Clearinghouse not only is a great resource for teachers and students, but it also serves to build public consciousness regarding the importance of media literacy to K-12 and higher education…..takes its commitment to standards-based education seriously…a strong effort to connect media literacy issues with standards….”

Previous Website Awards

Publication/Organization- Endorsements & Recommendations:

Cable In The Classroom
Community Media Review (Spring 2001)
Computers in Libraries (Nov/Dec 2008)
Court TV
Current Health 1
Education Week/  Education Week (Aug 2008)
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Rethinking Schools
School Library Journal 
School Library Monthly (2010)
Scholastic Instructor
School Library Media Activities Monthly
State Educational Technology Directors Association (SETDA)
Teacher Magazine
Technology & Learning magazine
Web English Teacher
“With a variety of options for educators, this website is definitely one to bookmark.”
Amy VanSlocum’s review

“Hey, everybody, go to Frank Baker’s media literacy clearing house right now! It’s really good!”

John Merrow (, 2/3/10)

“I just stumbled across your website and I wanted to thank you tremendously!
It has taken me all year to find advertising examples and articles; your website
will open many doors for my students! ”  (Florida 6th grade ELA teacher, via email)

“I love the site and its references, especially the quotes section with ACTUAL citation or sources.
Also, the recommended texts page has been a great reference source for me.

Thank you for your website and the great information you have provided an interested student.”
(Adam Johnson, student, Rock Valley College, Illinois- via email)

Read this UK blogger’s review of my site (July 2008)

“I think that this is a great site for us teachers to use.”  teacher, from North Carolina (via email)

I am  proud that the Media Literacy Clearinghouse has received international recognition:

“The Media Literacy Clearinghouse serves as the ‘hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy’ of resources related to the information-seeking behaviors and online communities of today’s youth. I constantly refer my graduate students to Frank’s comprehensive collection of sources.”
Jamie Campbell Naidoo, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, University of South Carolina, School of Library and Information Science

“The best media literacy teachers are always re-evaluating their material, with a view to make
it more relevant to the students they teach. The Media Literacy Clearinghouse is brimming with
new ideas and resources that will help launch teachers new to the field and re-invigorate long
service teachers.  Frank Baker’s rich and wide ranging web site is constantly up dated, and should
be looked at repeatedly by the thoughtful practitioner. McLuhan said it takes an entire village to
raise a child; and Frank’s site is like a trusted friend, providing insight and options that will help
us all raise the next generation. “

Mike Gange, Journalist and media literacy teacher, Fredericton New Brunswick Canada
School Library Media Activities Monthly (November 2006)
“one of the best sources for media literacy.”

Your site is a national treasure for anyone interested in media literacy.
Jim Metrock, President of Obligation, Inc.

I’m an 11 year old girl from Canada and I love your site!…Your site really helped me!”

“This website offers a myriad of resources, definitions and teaching ideas covering
the key conceptual areas of media literacy from K – University. It is a resource of
value to the international community of media educators and media studies students.
Highly recommended for both those who are new to media literacy and established practitioners”.
Lee Burton, Education Manager, Australian Children’s Television Foundation


“While it is always good to see find a new media education web site,
it is especially good to find one as excellent as that of Frank Baker.
The wealth of information and resources as well as the links provided
make it a wonderful and invaluable tool for anyone interested in media education.”

John J. Pungente, SJ, producer/host of Bravo’s Scanning the Movies;
President, CAMEO (Canadian Association of Media Education Organizations)

“the Internet encyclopedia of Media Literacy – if you can’t find it on this site,
it probably doesn’t exist”
Review of Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board, Quebec Canada

“Your site is consistently described by our students as being easy to navigate and a rich
resource offering teachers numerous approaches to media literacy across a range of media
and through  an interdisciplinary  approach. If there is such a thing as one stop shopping
when it comes to getting a comprehensive and current sense of the state of media literacy,
your website has achieved that distinction.”
  Dr. David Considine, Coordinator Graduate Program
in Media Literacy, Appalachian State University- College of Education, Boone, North Carolina

“Your website on To Kill a Mockingbird is truly one of the best
resources I know online or in print for teaching the movie. It provides
an appealing format for exploring the elements of filmmaking, adaptation,
and critical analysis supported by provocative questions, clear explanations,
attractive film stills, and authoritative citations. Anyone interested in learning
more about the film or media literacy will find a valuable tool in this handy study guide.”
Bill Costanzo, author, “Great Films and How to Teach Them”

“a great place to start, and difficult to leave”
wwwtools for teachers