Buy Me That: The Powerful Influence of TV Toy Commercials, How TV Toy Commercials Influence Our Kids

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Watch this classic segment from the series “Buy Me That” in which young people test a toy (Typhoon 2-left) seen in a popular commercial

Click on the image (left) to go to the lesson plan that incorporates this classic segment


This site is designed to be both a lesson plan/activity, and at the same time, a valuable resource for educators and parents who want their kids to become media literate when it comes to television and advertising.

I first conducted this “activity” for teachers in Orlando, Florida while employed by the Orange County Public School system, where as a media educator I was interested  in providing teachers with professional development opportunities. Typically, I would conduct this workshop in late October or early November, because this is the time of year when toy commercials become  increasingly more prevalent. But this activity can be done anytime and with any toy commercial.

Since this activity was first created, the explosion in children’s media has created numerous new television and cable networks on which toy commercials can be found (e.g. The Disney Channel, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, just to name a few). Fair use guidelines of the copyright law allow you to record commercials and use them in the classroom for instruction.

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