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NOTE: Every year around TV and film awards season, studios include actual screenplays seeking award nominations on their websites. I have included links to these award sites on my FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION website.

101 Great Screenplays Of All Time (WGA)
Screenwriters on Nailing that All Important First Scene
2020 Award Worthy Screenplays Online
How Mahershala Ali Changed a Pivotal Scene in “Green Book”
Screenwriter on Decades long Journey: Mortal Engines
Writers on Scene Stealing Speeches
Writers Roundtable
How George Lucas Broke Screenwriting Rules
On Writing ‘Queen of Katwe’
It’s All In The Script

Six Screenwriters Leave Their Mark on Hollywood

Annie Hall Tops WGA List of 101 Funniest Screenplays

Obituary: Screenwriter Michael Blake
(Dances With Wolves)
Screenwriters on Writing 
14 Screenwriters Writing
Screenplays: the keys to great movies
Syd Field, Who Wrote the Book on Writing Screenplays, Dies at 77
Solving Equation of a Hit Film Script, With Data
Moonrise Kingdom” Illustrated Screenplay

Recommended resources:
Anatomy of a Script (WGA video series)
Director’s Lab Series: The Script (video)
Dreams On Spec: documentary website
Elements of Screenwriting (Elements of Cinema)
Film Script Terminology
Film: Where It All Begins
Five Storytelling Tips to Make Your Online Videos More Effective
How to analyze a screenplay
How to: structure a film (video)

Lesson Plans:
Adapting A Scene for A Movie Script
Formatting the Script
Screenwriting: The Language of Film (from the AMPAS Teacher Guide Series)
Scriptwriting (FiS)
Scriptwriting 101
Writing a Movie: Summarizing and Rereading a Film Script  (Read Write Think)

10 Famous Scripts & What You Can Learn From Them
Master List of Screenplays
New Literacies: Scriptwriting
North by Northwest Screenplay
Oscar Winning Screenplays: 1928-2014
Principles of Screenwriting (Elements of Cinema)
Save The Cat
Screenwriting as an ELA Exercise (NCTE)
Screenwriting resources (from the AMPAS Teacher Guide Series)
ScreenwritingU Magazine
Script Breakdown: Script and Scene Analysis
Script Writing (Videomaker)
Scriptwriting (AFI’s Lights, Camera, Education!)
Scriptwriting In The Classroom website
Translating ‘Cloud Atlas’ Into The Language of Film
You Screenwriter
Writers Guild of America: West   East

SimplyScripts.com - Read Movie Scripts Online   

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Recommended school resources:
  Cover: Scriptwriter
    screenwriter book

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