2007: January

“Where’s The Fruit?” Study of fruit content in foods and beverages highly advertised to kids

I am very pleased to say that my new book
“Coming Distractions: Questioning Movies” begins
distribution soon by publisher Capstone Press.
My book is one of 6 in a new media literacy series
designed for students in grades 3-5.
I hope you will look it up and consider acquiring it for your media center collection.

Cover Story of
The Nation
January 29 issue:

Newspapers…and After?

Mirror, Mirror On the Web

January 29, 2007 Cover

12 Carnegie-Knight Task Force Releases Report on Mandatory
Testing and News in the Schools (PR;
Full report; news story;
Editor & Publisher version)

Cobblestone Magazine devotes entire issue to film

10: PTC Issues New Study on violent content in television

“Media Education: A Kit for Teachers, Students, Parents and Professionals”
has been published in English and French by UNESCO.

Cable in The Classroom promotes new study/report:
“Media Literacy: A Vital & Underserved Need in Schools”