First ever--media literacy
series for elementary

In 2006, Capstone Press contacted me about a new media literacy book series for
students in grades 3-5. They asked if I'd be interested in writing one of the books. The
focus of the series, they said, was not only media literacy, but also helping young people
ask the right questions about media. After hearing their approach, I said yes. The result
is "Coming Distractions: Questioning Movies."  I am pleased to say that all of the books
in this series are visually appealing and engaging. (The other books in the series deal
with video games, music videos, TV, magazines and online media.) To learn more, read on....
Frank Baker

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Capstone Press Publishes New Media Literacy Series for Youth

Dear educators,
I am pleased that Capstone Press has just released a new, 6 book set,
about media literacy, designed for students in grades 3-5. Download
this two page flyer or press release with additional details and ordering instructions.

Description of series:  Give young readers the tools they need to evaluate the barrage of media messages that reach
them every day. Value assumptions, product placements, and cues to act are embedded in each media message. This
fun series embraces media as entertaining and useful but also empowers readers as they learn a systematic way to
question pop culture and to recognize how influential media messages are.

Link to National & State Standards regarding media literacy

Listed below are the titles, authors and ISBNs:

Titles/descriptions/ISBNs Titles/descriptions/ISBNs
At the Controls:
Questioning Video & Computer Games
Sports games, fantasy games, war games - there are hundreds of video games out there. So how do companies get gamers to play theirs? And what are they really trying to say? Well, grab your controller. It's time to ask questions about video game messages.
Pretty in Print:
Questioning Magazines
Teen mags, decorating mags, sports mags-there are hundreds of magazines on the newsstand. So how do publishers get you to pick up theirs? Well, get comfy. It's time to ask questions about messages in magazines.
Coming Distractions:
Questioning Movies
Action flicks, romantic comedies, animated classics-there are all kinds of movies to choose from. So how do filmmakers get you to watch their movie? Well, grab your popcorn. It's time to ask questions about the messages in movies

Notes from author Frank Baker:
1. see additional material that did not make the final version of the book

2. link to my page about film
TV Takeover:
Questioning Television
Crime-scene dramas, reality shows, sitcoms-there are tons of shows on TV. So how do networks get you to watch their shows? And what are they really trying to say? Well, find the remote and get comfortable. It's time to ask questions about TV messages.
Music Madness:
Questioning Music & Music Videos
Rock, hip-hop, country-there are all kinds of music to listen to. So how do music labels get you to tune in to their stuff? And what are they really trying to say? Well, pop in a CD and put your headphones on. It's time to ask questions about music messages
Virtually True:
Questioning Online Media
Post on your blog, chat with friends, surf for the latest news-there are millions of things to do online. So how do webmasters get you to clock onto their site? And what are they really trying to say? Well, get your hand on the mouse. It's time to ask questions about messages of online media.
Yourspace: Questioning New Media
 by Heather E. Schwartz
ISBN: 9781429619936/ 1-4296-1993-7

"These books will make terrific teaching tools" Library Media Connection,
May/June 2009
What's Your Source?: Questioning the News  
by Stergios Botzakis 

ISBN: 9781429619929/ 1-4296-1992-9
"These books will make terrific teaching tools" Library Media Connection, May/June 2009