2006: September

27 UNESCO releases study on innovative media use of  youth

22 Nielsen Media Research Reports TVs Popularity Is Still Growing: Led by Teen Girls- Americans Continue to Watch TV at Record Levels

20  Read about Captone Press’ new Media Literacy series for elementary students

Multimodal Transformations:
Themed issue of NCTE’s
Language Arts journal

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US News & World Report
cover story, Week of September 10, 2006

What Parents Need to Know About MySpace

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September 2006 - Issue 393

Issue devoted to advertising

15 US Senate passes Children’s & Media Research Advancement Act

13-14  I participated in a K-12 Teacher Tech Day at South Carolina ETV; I joined colleagues at NewsPlex and discussed teaching standards and media literacy applications.

7 Controversy over ABC docu-drama on the 5th anniversary of 9/11: Democrats claim bias;
Scholastic withdraws teacher guide to the mini-series (background)
5  Katie Couric premiere as anchor CBS Evening Newscast
(long list of news stories posted at Poynter Online)

1 read my September Literacy Links column

1 CAMY/CDC study on young exposure to alcohol via radio