2006: June-July


Special note: in late July the USC College of Medicine informed me that after 8 years it could no longer support the Media Literacy Clearinghouse. Until further notice, the website and all of its contents can be found at

24  Newspaper study, “Lifelong Readers: The Role of Youth Content,”  examines readership habits of 18-24 year olds (PR)

19    Kaiser Family Foundation’s new study:
Child’s Play: Advergaming and the Online Marketing of Food to Children
(Press Release; AP News Story; AdAge version)

19  Pew study on Bloggers: new storytellers

18 Newly released: Screen Out! A Parent’s Guide to Smoking, Movies & Children’s Health

3 special issue of The Nation: National Entertainment State

Media literacy: special issue of The Page Turner: newsletter of Literacy Development for Afterschool Programs

Business & Media Institute study: Bad Company


23 Study: Newspaper Sports Staffs Overwhelmingly White and Male

20 Study: US News Magazine Coverage of Latinos-2006

Dan Rather departs CBS News

19 reformatted News/Journalism web page

Newspapers Survival– special issue of Nieman Reports

14  Cable “Leaders in Learning” honors two media educators

Minority Youth Exposed to More Alcohol Advertising

13 DC Hearing on Violent Video Games

Conference addresses problems of children and unmonitored media (Story; New America Foundation; Family Media Safety Guide; UPI )

New National Poll: The Internet Now Seen as #1 Concern For Parents (Common Sense Media)

6 Online Publishers Association Media Usage Study Shows the Web Now Rivals TV in Reach and Extends the Impact of All Media

1 AFI unveils new Screen Education Center

Study: More and More Children Using Consumer Electronics