State Standards: New Mexico


Language Arts

LITERATURE AND MEDIA: Students will use literature and media to develop an understanding of people, societies, and the self.

Grade 3
4. Make informed judgments about the purpose of media productions.

Grade 6
3. Compare and contrast print and non-print versions of a literary work.

Social Studies


5-8: interpret and report social studies information from diverse sources (people, media, technology, computers, and libraries)

9-12: analyze the reliability and validity of social studies information sources; evaluate and choose the most persuasive social studies concepts and vocabulary to explore issues and problems


Health is influenced by a variety of factors that co-exist within society.  These include the cultural context as well as media and technology.  A critical thinker and problem solver is able to analyze, evaluate and interpret the influence of these factors on health. The health-literate, responsible and productive citizen draws upon the contributions of culture, media, and technology to strengthen individual, family and community health.

K-4: explain how media influence thoughts, feelings, and health behaviors

5-8: analyze how messages from media and other sources influence health behavior

9-12: evaluate the effect of media and other factors on personal, family, peer, and community health

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