Motion Pictures: Recommended Texts (K-12)


© 2006  Frank Baker, Media Educator

Let’s Make A Movie, Peter Piper Press (2018)

Movie Magic (Bellwether, 2018)

 Simon & Schuster (2018)                                 Amicus Ink (August 2018)

Rosen Publishing, Moviemakers Film Club, 2018

Create Your Own (Capstone Press 2017)

How Are Movies Made (2017)

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Movie Makers (ABDO Publishing)

Make Your Own (Capstone Press)
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    Filmmaking for Teens: Pulling Off Your Shorts -2nd Edition     

 Movie Special Effects Special Effects [Book]

How to Analyze the Films of Quentin Tarantino    How to Analyze the Films of Spike Lee    How to Analyze the Films of George Lucas    How to Analyze the Films of James Cameron
How to Analyze the Films of Tim Burton       

Making Movies Series (2007, Gareth Stevens Publishing)

Behind-the-Scenes/Making of/Specific Films
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