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January    Media Literacy Words To Intrigue Your Students
February   Students Produced PSAs Ignite Critical Thinking
February   War Breaks Out: Where Students Get The News
April          12 Ways We Can Teach About The Holocaust
May           Every Students Needs To Know How to Factcheck
October    New YA Graphic Novel Tells Family’s Holocaust Story

January   What Will We Do About Internet Literacy?
March     Teaching Kids to Read The Images They See
May         Teaching Media Literacy is NOT An Option
July         What We Want Students To Know About The Media
Sept         It’s Emmy Time: Why Should We Care?
Nov          Help Students Become Adept Media Evaluators

January   Social Media Influencers: Who Can You Trust?
February  Verification, the #1 Vocabulary Word for 2020
March      Why Media Literacy Matters In Science Class
May          Teaching Media Literacy in the Pandemic Era
June         Video as Primary Source
July           Teaching Kids About Political Ads  
Sept           Using Print & TV Ads As Informational Texts
Oct            Picturing the Pandemic

January   Using Newsy Numbers to Teach Media Literacy
January   Teach Media Literacy Using The Super Bowl Ads
March      Media Literacy Meets Congressional Testimony
April         Visual & Media Literacy: Political Campaign Optics
May          Teaching Visual Literacy: Images & Propaganda
June         Teaching The Techniques of Media Manipulators
August     Real Media Literacy: Spotting a Fake News Story
Sept          Helping Students Get Smart About Those ‘Smart Pills”
Oct           Helping Students Analyze the Impact of Political Ads

January  Using Weight Loss Ads To Teach Media Literacy
January   Based On A True Story:  History Vs Hollywood
February  1968 In The Spotlight: Looking Back 50 Years
February   Learning From The Oscars
March        Teaching Media Literacy: The Grapes of Wrath
May            Using Pop Culture to Teach Media Literacy
June          Using Short Video Clips to Teach Media Literacy
July            Use The Emmy Awards As A Versatile Teaching Tool
Sept            A New Curriculum Uses Film To Teach Democracy
Oct            When Should We Teach Kids Critical Thinking Skills?
Nov           Your Students Eyeballs Are Worth A Bundle

January     Explore The Art of Making Movies
January     Black History: The Visions of Gordon Parks
February   How Media Appeals to Our Emotions
March        President Vs The Press: A Media Literacy Challenge
March       The WOW Factor: Science, Technology & The Movies
May           The 15 Minute Media Literacy Lesson 
May           How to Read Infographics
June          Civil Rights: How Pictures Changed America
July           Engaging Students In Tobacco Ad Analysis
August      What All Students Need to Know About the News
August       Use the Emmy Awards to Teach Media Literacy
Sept            If There’s War How Will Students Get Their News?
Oct             Why Media Literacy Week Means So Much
Oct             We’re Not The Only Ones Who Want Kids’ Attention
Nov            Using Film To Teach Reading & Literacy

Feb              Teaching Propaganda Using Political Ads
April            Using Political Magazine Covers to Teach Media Literacy
May             Middle School Kids Love Parody
June            Learning About Product Placement
July             Campaign Ads: The Image Is Everything
July             Media Literacy in Today’s Social Studies Classrooms
Sept             How To Watch The Debates
Nov             How to Help Kids Become Active Video Viewers
Nov             Kids Need Our Help Detecting Fake News 
Nov             Here Come The Toy Ads
Dec             How Big Media Shapes The News Kids See

January     Teaching Film Literacy Without the Film 
April           Visual Media Literacy & Presidential Politics
May            Helping Students Close Read Iconic Images
July            Powerful Iconic Images Can Educate and Inform
July            The POTUS Primary Debates
Sept           Propaganda Isn’t History: It’s Current Events
Oct             Tie TV Advertising to Media Literacy
Nov            Analyzing The Media Through Docudramas
Dec            What’s Missing From This Media Message?

January   Teaching Media Literacy: It’s The Diet Ad Season
February  Making Sure Your (Brand) Name is Out There
March       History Vs Hollywood Who Gets It Right?
June          Close Reading & What It Means for Media Literacy
July           Close Reading: Visual Literacy Through Photography
August      How to Close Read The Language of Film
August      Teaching Image as Text: The Emmy Awards
Sept           Costume Design: Part of the Language of Film
Oct             Campaign Ads: Helping Students Find The Truth
Nov            Using Toy Ads to Build Media Literacy Skills

January   Visual Media: A New Literacy
January  Media Literacy: Teaching About Visual Media
February  Learning More About the Movies
April         Visual Literacy & Politics
June         New Literacies: Scriptwriting
Sept          Teaching Visual Literacy With Magazines
Nov           STEAM & Media Literacy

October  Watching the Presidential Debates With Kids
October  Media Literacy, Politics and Students