Language of Film: Representation

Recommended resources:
Editing and representation 
Gender in Pixar Films
How to teach representation 

Lesson plans:
Disney-Stereotypes (high school)
Exposing Gender Stereotypes
Gender Representation

Representation (Lesson Bucket)
Representation Key Concepts in Media Studies
Representation in Art and Film: Identity and Stereotype

Recommended Texts/Videos

Image and Representation: Key Concepts in Media Studies

Media and Male Identity: The Making and Remaking of Men

Cover: Understanding Representation.
Understanding Representation
Edited by Wendy Helsby

Representation: Cultural Representations and Signifying Practices
(Culture, Media and Identities Series)

Gender and the Media

Gender, Race
& Class In Media

41BNTVARM6L.jpg (336×500)
Young People and Gendered Media Messages

Femme Fatalities
Representations of
Strong Women in
the Media

Critical Readings:
Media & Gender

Lesson Plans: 
Gender Equity &
Media Literacy

Media Images &

(Native Americans)