2016 What’s New

26  District Administration’s review of “Media Literacy in the K12 Classroom”
13  How Big Media Shapes The News Students Read (MiddleWeb)
6   I was a panelist on the Pop Literacy Webinar, sponsored by SLJ/ISTE

30 I am honored by Education Smartbrief with a monthly recognition
21  I conducted an all day teacher workshop for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences in Los Angeles
20  Helping Students Detect Fake News, column at Middleweb.com
16 I introduced the film costume exhibit at the Columbia Museum of Art
2  I was a guest on Education Talk Radio
1  My new book is published by ISTE.
1  ISTE published 9 Lessons to Boost Media Literacy by Frank Baker

21 I presented a workshop on media literacy at the Palmetto State Arts Ed.’s Annual Conference, Columbia SC
20 ISTE Twitter Chat: Digital Citizenship & Media Literacy
15  Why Media Literacy Week Matters (MiddleWeb)
11  I was a participant in the CoTeaChat media literacy twitter chat

22  NH Newspaper references our debate resource and column
14  I was a featured guest presenter in the Teaching Presidential Debates Webinar
12 How To CRITICALLY Watch A Presidential Debate (MiddleWeb)

Register NOW for December’s “Pop Literacy” Webcast (ISTE/SLJ)
Decoding Political Ads (column, with resources)

26 I co-taught media literacy at Rhiara University in Nairobi, Kenya

12   Media Literacy: Learning About Product Placement (MiddleWeb)

31   Webinar Great Media Literacy Books for All Learners
       NCSS Position Statement on Media Literacy published in Social Education (May June)
17  Kids In The Middle Love Parody (MiddleWeb)

17th  I co-hosted the NCTE Twitter Chat on Teaching The Elections (archived here)
Close Reading: Images of The Candidates (MiddleWeb)
Created new 2016 Presidential Candidates Magazine Cover Analysis Activity
Thanks to PoliticalAdArchive for recognizing MLC work here

3/12  I participated in the ShareNation STEM event here.

2/21 Teach Argument/Propaganda With Campaign Ads (MiddleWeb)
2/18  Edutopia (again)recommends my film education resources
2/12  Media Literacy: Learning from the Oscars  (MiddleWeb)

1/23  Teach Media Literacy With Super Bowl Ads  (MiddleWeb)