2015 What’s New


December 22  What’s Missing from that Media Message? (MiddleWeb)
December 3  Download the Journal of Media Literacy: Common Core
December  1  I was quoted in this CNN HLN story on Diversity in Ads
November 20  Analyzing The Media Through Docudramas (MiddleWeb)
October 27  Why Media Literacy Week Matters So Much (MiddleWeb)
October 5   Tie TV Advertising To Media Literacy (MiddleWeb)
September 13  Propaganda Isn’t History–It’s Current Events (MiddleWeb)
August 19  Using The Emmy Awards To Teach Media Literacy (MiddleWeb)
July 30  Media Literacy: The POTUS Primary Debates (MiddleWeb)
July 8  Powerful Iconic Images Can Education & Inform (MiddleWeb)
May 10  Helping Students Close Read Iconic News Images (MiddleWeb)
April 23  Media-Visual Literacy in Presidential Politics (MiddleWeb)
March 12  Thanks to ShapingYouth.org for referencing my work
March 11  Great time at SCASL2015;  link to session resources
March 3   My photography was featured here on World Wildlife Day
February 17  Proud to see Edutopia recommend my film education resources/lessons
February 5  Black History Month: The Visions of Gordon Parks
February 1   Media Literacy Learning from the Oscars (revised)
January 29  With Super Bowl buzz in high gear, I was interviewed by Shaping Youth (part 1, part 2)
and SLJ Blogger Joyce Valenza
January 25   Teaching Media Literacy With Super Bowl Ads (MiddleWeb.com)
January 11   Teaching Film Literacy, Without the Film (MiddleWeb.com)

With the new year upon us, this is a great time to consider teaching with diet (weight loss) ads.
Additionally, the buzz about Super Bowl ads is in high gear; my page has advice and resources
on using these ads in instruction.  Lastly, movie news is in high gear as it is film-awards
season. Take advantage of the buzz to consider how to teach critical thinking & critical viewing
when it comes to all aspects of movies.