December 22  What’s Missing from that Media Message? (MiddleWeb)
December 3  Download the Journal of Media Literacy: Common Core
December  1  I was quoted in this CNN HLN story on Diversity in Ads
November 20  Analyzing The Media Through Docudramas (MiddleWeb)
October 27  Why Media Literacy Week Matters So Much (MiddleWeb)
October 5   Tie TV Advertising To Media Literacy (MiddleWeb)
September 13  Propaganda Isn’t History–It’s Current Events (MiddleWeb)
August 19  Using The Emmy Awards To Teach Media Literacy (MiddleWeb)
July 30  Media Literacy: The POTUS Primary Debates (MiddleWeb)
July 8  Powerful Iconic Images Can Education & Inform (MiddleWeb)
May 10  Helping Students Close Read Iconic News Images (MiddleWeb)
April 23  Media-Visual Literacy in Presidential Politics (MiddleWeb)
March 12  Thanks to for referencing my work
March 11  Great time at SCASL2015;  link to session resources
March 3   My photography was featured here on World Wildlife Day
February 17  Proud to see Edutopia recommend my film education resources/lessons
February 5  Black History Month: The Visions of Gordon Parks
February 1   Media Literacy Learning from the Oscars (revised)
January 29  With Super Bowl buzz in high gear, I was interviewed by Shaping Youth (part 1, part 2)
and SLJ Blogger Joyce Valenza
January 25   Teaching Media Literacy With Super Bowl Ads (
January 11   Teaching Film Literacy, Without the Film (

With the new year upon us, this is a great time to consider teaching with diet (weight loss) ads.
Additionally, the buzz about Super Bowl ads is in high gear; my page has advice and resources
on using these ads in instruction.  Lastly, movie news is in high gear as it is film-awards
season. Take advantage of the buzz to consider how to teach critical thinking & critical viewing
when it comes to all aspects of movies.

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