2012: November-December



A FTC report released Friday found that food companies have ramped up their advertising to kids on mobile devices and social media even as they spend less money overall on youth marketing.

Frank interviewed: Kids Should Be Smart Holiday Consumers Too!

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Registration is now open for the January 12 workshop in Columbia.
Frank talks to the media and parents about deceptive toy advertising

Visual Literacy: themed issue of the latest “Science & Children,” published by NSTA


Kids Online: A new research agenda for understanding social networking forums

Kids Online: A new research agenda for understanding social networking forumsA growing number of kids at increasingly younger ages are engaging in online social networking today-a development that is leading to a surge of news stories, media attention, and economic investment. In this paper, produced with the generous support of Cisco Systems and the Digital Media and Learning Hub at the University of California, Irvine, scholars Sara Grimes and Deborah Fields argue that these shifts in usage and public discussion demand a better understanding of the ways that social networking sites mediate kids’ socializing and the opportunities and limits they place on kids’ participation, particularly for young children.

Teaching Kids About Commercials,  November 16, 2012,   USA Today

Here Come The Toy Ads,  November 11, 2012  Middleweb

Teachers Say Media-Use Is Harming Kids’ Performance
A new study released on Thursday finds teachers are concerned that the amount and types of electronic media that children interact with at home may be harming their performance in the classroom.Common Sense Media, a think tank focused on children’s media use, polled 685 public and private elementary and high school classroom teachers on how children’s increasing use of television, video games, texting, social networking, music, and other forms of media is affecting their performance in school.