2011: September



Press Widely Criticized, But Trusted More than Other Information Sources  (new Pew Study)

jon stewart rs1140 cover

Jon Stewart Compares ‘Daily Show’ to Fox News: ‘We’re Both Expressions of Dissatisfaction’

Host also opens up about disappointment with Obama and the problems with the 24/7 news media in new cover story

Knight Foundation Future of the First Amendment report on Social Media finds support among educators for teaching digital media literacy

The tenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on America is all over the news; in fact, how the news media covered and portrayed the attacks is a big part of the current coverage.

This collection of articles is the celebration of a unique educational process. The Birth of Image project has successfully achieved two goals. First, it combined personal growth and media education for and with young people. Second, it developed a methodology for the instruction of active media literacy, including the latest chapter in the history of media: the social media frenzy.