2010: May

Facebook …and How It’s Redefining Privacy
TIME, May 31


Free Press unveils new media criticism site: MediaFAIL: “a user-powered site aimed at drawing attention to the weak reporting, flawed analysis and meaningless sideshows that often dominate the news and drown out real issues of public concern.”

Themed Media Literacy Issue (May 2010)

Media Literacy: Piercing Content and Who Controls It

Media literacy is our strongest tool against propaganda and manipulation in today’s media-saturated environment. As someone who analyzes the media regularly, author Jennifer L. Pozner created a 13-letter mnemonic of the words “M.E.D.I.A. L.I.T.E.R.A.C.Y.” It’s her guide to understanding the goals of corporate media, breaking down its biases and arming ourselves as consumers.


This report (Alcohol Marketing In The Digital Age)surveys some of the major features of the contemporary marketing landscape and their connection to the promotion of alcoholic beverages. One of its goals is to alert stakeholders to some of the emerging practices that demand greater scrutiny. Many of these new interactive techniques may well fly under the radar of policy makers, parents, and public health professionals. If we are to develop timely and appropriate strategies to address concerns about underage drinking—and the use of alcoholic products by society generally—it is critically important that we understand the dimensions and implications of the new marketing paradigm.


U.S. Cracks Down on Marketing of Unhealthy Foods
The report says food companies should extend their current self-imposed regulations to cover all forms of marketing to children, and food retailers should avoid in-store marketing that promotes unhealthy products to children. It says all media and entertainment companies should limit the licensing of their popular characters to food and beverage products that are healthy.