2009: October

9  I’ve just returned from a visit to St Louis where I participated in the Gateway Media Literacy Partners media literacy week. I had a great time speaking to communications students at Lindenwood University; conducting a workshop for teachers; and being a panelist after the screening of the film “Good Night and Good Luck” at Webster University.

1  See photos from the Book Talk/Luncheon held at the SC State Library

Knight Commission Report includes strong recommendations for including media literacy education in schools

Orca Books announces a limited time free download of its newest media literacy graphic novel: Media Meltdown
October issue

The Story Behind the Story

Much of the news you see on TV is the work of political hit men—not journalists. And it’s only getting worse.


Why I Love Al Jazeera

The Arab TV channel is visually stunning, exudes hustle, and covers the globe like no one else. Just beware of its insidious despotism.


The Moguls’ New Clothes

Don’t blame the Internet for the dismal performance of big media companies. Blame inept executives.