2009: June

30  P21 Releases new Geography & Science skills curriculum maps

25 Death of Michael Jackson announced; frenzy in celebrity media


Picture 2 New report: Game Changer: Investing in Digital Play to Advance Children’s Learning and Health 

A groundbreaking new European study, released today at a major EU conference hosted by the Council of Europe in Strasbourg, sheds light on how teachers use digital games in the classroom with their pupils for learning purposes.

Time Cover

June 15 cover story:

How Twitter Will Change The Way We Live (in 140 characters or less) (The Well / Cover Story)
Once just a fad, Twitter is developing into a powerful form of communication. What its growth says about us–and the future of American innovation
Web Exclusive  The World of Twitter
An excerpt of tweets from some of the most popular twitterers


Folio magazine addresses the growing trend of advertisements on magazine covers

June 12: last day of analog TV broadcasting
A photo of my 1959 Philco Predicta (on the left) and my flat screen connected to a digital converter..
Prospect Magazine (UK)
May 2009 | 158 » Cover story »
Are we on track for a golden age of serious journalism?


4 GMLP (St. Louis) has posted the Skype interviews I recorded recently