2009: December

Catholic News (Singapore) news story about my November 26 presentation there

19  posted 2009 Photos of the Year on the homepage and in Visual literacy section

“Meeting of the Minds” report, by Global Kids, CommonSense Media, and the GoodPlay Project, finds that young people need guidance from adults in navigating ethical issues of
online behavior.

From the MacArthur Foundation site announcement (12/3/09):
“The report, “Meeting of the Minds,” (PDF) is the result of a series of cross-generational online dialogues about digital ethics involving more than 250 adults and teens around the world. Participants discussed how to behave in a digital world, from illegal downloading and the creativity associated with remixing, to the factors that go into deciding whether to meet an online connection face-to-face”.Download a PDF file of the report


SI looks at the year in Sports media, including the Tiger Woods story: 5th ANNUAL: The Year in Sports Media
Newsweek examines the Tiger Woods/media/ celebrity story

The Impact of the Commercial World on Children’s Wellbeing: Report of an Independent Assessment (UK)

15 study released: The Impact of Industry Self-Regulation on the Nutritional Quality of Foods Advertised on Television to Children

European Council Conclusions on media literacy in the digital environment have been adopted by the Education,
Youth and Culture Council meeting on 27 November 2009.