2008: September

Scientific American Magazine

Media Bias: Going beyond Fair and Balanced

Despite popular accounts, researchers found that Barack Obama got more negative press coverage than John McCain did in the early summer

22 New Initiative Aims to Teach Media Literacy Worldwide

19 Renee Hobbs’ podcast: “Media Literacy as Literacy for the Information Age” from Oklahoma Reading conference

17 New Kaiser Family Foundation media study How Healthy is Prime Time? An Analysis of Health Content in Popular Prime Time Television Programs.

September 10
21st Century Skills, Education & Competitiveness- new report released
(media literacy included…see page 10 What We Need To Do Now)
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September 9
Read Editor & Publisher’s story about the study;
a link to the study is include in the story
Cable in the Classroom Magazine September 2008 Lights, Camera … Debate,
Cable In The Classroom, September 2008