2008: November

24 Partnership For 21st Century Skills releases revised ELA curriculum map;
Study: Health News Coverage in the U.S. Media

New York Times Sunday Magazine (11/23/08)

The Screens Issue

What We Watch and How We Watch It

20-23  NCTE conference in San Antonio, TX; media literacy teacher honored


New MacArthur study released;related news stories

16 -18  I really enjoyed my visit to the news literacy college course at Stony Brook University.


The Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Media Literacy Education;
link to archived webcast;
Doug Johnson’s article in School Library Journal:Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad ©?;
ALA blog post;
SLJ’s post on the report




Post Presidential Election Coverage–Media/Politics:
Newspaper Front Pages
Newseum Front Pages
Local Paper Websites
Screengrabs of local TV station Web sites
screengrabs of national publications

3 RAND Study Links Viewing of Sexual Content on Television to Subsequent Teen Pregnancy