2007: June

22-26  News from the AMLA NMEC Conference:
Conference blog
-Renee Hobbs’ keynote: What the Research Says; (podcast)
-Henry Jenkins’ keynote: What Wikipedia Can Teach Us About New Media Literacies (podcast)
– Ofcom’s Robin Blake keynote: The UK’s Networked Generation and Why Media Literacy Matters
– link to my presentation on Edward R. Murrow

19  Alliance Provides ‘Core Principles’ for Media Literacy;
New Generations, New Media Challenges

KFF’s New National Survey of Parents on Children and Media
(AP New story; New Kaiser Study Sends Mixed Message)

18   AMLA releases newly revised core principles

June/July 2007 cover story in American Journalism Review

Cable's Leaders in Learning Awards
7 I am just back from Washington DC and the Library Of Congress where
I joined a number of teacher educators from across the US honored for
their work by the National Cable TV Assn.
For details about my “Leaders In Learning” honor, click here.

Cable launches PointSmart.ClickSafe

Off the Dial: How Media Consolidation Diminishes Diversity on the Radio

1 Children Not Seeing More Food Ads on Television
(FTC Releases Research on Children’s Exposure to Television Advertising)

More TV = Less Reading (study in current issue of AAP’s Grand Rounds)

The Research Is In: Violent Video Games Can Lead to Violent Behavior
(June 2007, Executive Intelligence Review)