2007: February

25 I was one of the authors who participated in the
“Writing & Film” panel at the SC Book Festival.

Link to CBC Radio series Spin Cycles. The series explores
the world of politics, big business, advertising and public
relations to find the real message behind all that spin.

Media And Policy In Education (themed issue of Policy Futures in Education)

Call for articles Fall 2007: Academic Exchange Quarterly
Topic media literacy

18  Media literacy is one of the strategies schools should implement-
part of the recommendations  contained in this new report:
American Psychological Association Task Force on Sexualization of Girls

16  I spent the entire day at Dent MS during professional development day.
During the morning faculty gathering in the school’s new cafeteria, I gave a
talk on the importance of media literacy in a 21st century education. I also
conducted two workshops: one for English teachers and another for Social Studies teachers.

11  New search engine added on homepage

7 Project Online launched

ISTE releases draft of new tech standards

Newsweek’s cover story makes note of celeb behavior and its impact on fans/audiences

1  The Super Bowl game is this weekend- the media are (again) full of stories about the ads..
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