2007: April

23 death of author/journalist David Halberstam announced

The Impact of Va Tech On The News

16 News media and new media cover shooting at Va Tech campus

13  Clinton: ‘Media literacy’ needed in US

The tale of ousted radio/TV talk show host Don Imus (and ramifications) is profiled in the cover stories of both Newsweek and TIME magazines

Time Cover

The Mind-Bending New World Of Work
Motion-capture technology has burst out of Hollywood and into businesses from aerospace to advertising

NCSS publication Social Education themed issue for April is Going Digital In The Social Studies. Many essays from teachers about using the media & technology to teach social studies.

Tech Literacy & The MySpace Generation:
cover story in the current issue of Technology & Learning

March Issue

April 2 issue of NY Times upfront (in school) current events publication features cover story
Is Anyplace Safe from Advertising Anymore?

10 Study: Students Don’t Understand Copyright Rules
(neither do their teachers, but that’s a whole ‘nother story)