2006: December

30 Hanging of Saddam Hussein: Media Deals With Images

25 Reported death of longtime CBS President Frank Stanton

New website: Participatory Media Literacy

20 More Alcohol Ads on TV and Underage Youth Are Seeing It

15 Nearly Half of our Lives Spent with TV, Radio, Internet, Newspapers, According to Census Bureau Publication

13 New Study and Forum on Implications of Youth Media Multitasking
The Kaiser Family Foundation hosted a forum and released a new report on media multitasking among young people. The report, Media Multitasking Among American Youth: Prevalence, Pairings and Predictors, is based on data from seven-day media use diaries collected from 694 young people age 8 to 18 years old and quantifies the actual amount of time young people spend multitasking when using media or doing homework.

TIME Magazine recognizes importance of information/media literacy in its cover story:
How To Build A Student
For the 21st Century

6-7 I conducted two “Best Practices” workshops for the SC State Department of Education. Links to handouts and other related materials can be found here.

7 2006 Diversity in entertainment media report issued

4  Revised AAP Policy Statement released:
“Children, Adolescents & Advertising”
(examine the way news organizations presented this story)