2005: March

28 Advertising Age Special Issue, 75th Anniversary

24 unveiled Sex In Ads/Media website under ADVERTISING

23 A new study from Arbitron and Edison Media Research released Wednesday shows that new media technologies such as iPods, satellite radio, digital video recorders, and Internet broadcasting, are making inroads on traditional media. According to the study, one in 10 Americans are heavy on-demand media consumers, owning one or more on-demand media devices.

22 Media literacy advocated as smoking prevention (study)

21 TIME Magazine cover story: Has Television Gone Too Far?

16 redesigned Food Print Ads web site

15 MLC website is one of the “101 Best Web Sites for Secondary Teachers” as published by ISTE;  I learned this week that I am a finalist in the “Leaders in Learning” media literacy award, sponsored by the cable TV industry.

14 State of The News Media 2005 report issued by Project for Excellence in Journalism

13  No bias in US media coverage of Iraq: study

11 presented “Reading the languages of media” at the North Carolina Reading conference, Winston Salem, NC

9  KFF unveils Generation M: Media in the Lives of 8-18 Year-olds
Many of the panelists on the forum mentioned the need for media literacy education, yet
most of the major media reports completely ignored this fact…Except MSNBC which made
a passing reference in its story.

8 Complaint report on alcohol ads released

7  added clickable map of the United States on State Standards page

Is it me, or is anybody else sick of seeing/hearing/reading anything more about:
Martha Stewart, Michael Jackson, Robert Blake?

6 Pew study on role of Internet in 2004 elections

lots of press over the impending retirement of Dan Rather from the CBS Evening News broadcast
(veteran newsman Bob Scheiffer is to take over temporarily)

3  I presented “What Every Media Specialist Should Know About Media Literacy” at the annual
conference of the South Carolina Assn of School Librarians, Florence, SC

Teenagers find information about sex on the internet when they look for it – and when they don’t