2005: July

27 Pew study of teen Internet use

26 Payola to cost media goliath

14-15 FTC/HHS hearings on obesity & marketing to kidsĀ (new stories)

13 created new RESOURCES page- contains links to articles, books, teaching resources, magazines, TV shows

11 New study examines impact of sexual imagery in media and youth behavior

Content analysis of news coverage of Bush’s first 100 days of 2nd term

6 NY Times reporter goes to jail; links to most stories can be found here

6 I keynoted the 3rd Annual Institute for Library & Information Literacy Education, Kent State Univ. OH. See my PowerPoint presentation.

5 Association of Television Viewing During Childhood With Poor Educational Achievement (Press Release/news story)

1 New York Times background stories on TIME magazines yielding to reporter’s sources