2004: October-November

30 Channel Surfers paying less attention to TV
23 9th Annual Video game report card, PR, NIMF webpage
18 restructured ADVERTISING category
10 unveiled Cosmetic ads webpage
9 Tuning In To A Problem, Wash Post article on TVs impact on youngest viewers;
restructured the look and layout of New Books page
9 Scholastic’s INSTRUCTOR magazine (Nov/Dec.04) recommends MLC website
 3 Pediatricians Report Media Use is Linked to Serious Public Health Issues
1 Bush Mounted More Personal Attack Ads Than Kerry, Study
Broadcast Industry Increases Lobbying Budget, Study Says
   AAP newsletter contains several articles related to children & media

27 The Partnership for 21st Century Skills Releases English ICT Map
26 Gallup Poll: Teen Leisure habits: TV still on top
25 Adage: 2004 Magazines of the year
19 CMPA Study of campaign coverage on major networks
16 Panel: US newspapers running more tragic photos in wake of 9/11
12 Study: Alcohol Ads Up 97 Percent In 3 Years
4 Study: More Internet ads in presidential race, but TV still dominates
October issue of Reader’s Digest magazine has an interesting article called: Terrorists & The Movies:
Can Hollywood make us safer? which reviews recent films with terrorism in the plots
The October issue of Career World magazine (an in school magazine published
by Weekly Reader, features BREAKING NEWS, a cover story on working in journalism