2003: June-July

Life in the Media Age – From 1978 to 2003

July 30 added To Kill A Mockingbird viewing guide to front page
July 24 Born to Be Wired: Understanding the First Wired Generation
36 page report  http://us.i1.yimg.com/us.yimg.com/i/promo/btbw_2003/btbw_execsum.pdf

July 24 New Report Critical of Local TV Station Campaign Coverage
July 23 see TV shows for details of VH1 series 200 Pop Culture Icons;
House votes to overturn FCC vote on new media merger rules
July 14 new items added to Smoking Activity; Alcohol ads; Product Placement; Sports & Advertising
July 13 updated the list of recommended Articles about media literacy
July 10  unveiled new category: Media Criticism

JUNE 2003
June 28-July 1 National Media Ed Conference 2003
June 29  National Telemedia Council publishes text “Visions/Revisions- Moving Forward with Media Education,” a compendium of 16 articles written by noted American and international media educators.
June 25 AOL TW Foundation releases survey on need for 21st century literacy skills
June 2  As expected, the FCC voted 3-2 to relax media ownership rules in the US. See editorial cartoons here.