Handouts for this session:
1. Frank Baker's Media Literacy Clearinghouse front page
2. Flyer for book: Media Literacy In The K-12 Classroom
3. First page: Support Document, Introduction to Media Arts/Media Literacy Standards
4. Handout: Key Questions To Ask When Analyzing Media Messages
5. Frank Baker's Visual Literacy website
6. Activity: Three Lebon James Magazine Covers
7. Pizza magazine ad for deconstruction and analysis
8. Frank Baker's Using Super Bowl Ads In The Classroom web site
9. Frank Baker's Language of Film website
10. Evaluation

Other handouts:
Camera Angles
Visual Literacy Overview (from I See What You Mean, 2nd Ed)
How Do We Read Photos & Pictures?
Using DVDs & DVD Extras To Teach The Language of Film
If You Give A Kid A Camera (from Learning & Leading With Technology, Feb. 2012 issue)