Media Literacy  Recommendations for The Holidays (& Beyond)
compiled by Frank Baker (Media Literacy Clearinghouse) See last year's list

Political Campaigns and Political Advertising: A Media Literacy Guide

The Fight For The White House: 1952 Through Today (3 DVD set)

Media Literacy is Elementary Teaching Youth to Critically Read and Create Media

Dark Genius: The Influential Career of Legendary Political Operative & Fox News Founder Roger Ailes

Millennial Makeover  MySpace, YouTube & The Future of American Politics

Blogging, Citizenship, and the Future of Media

Picture Perfect: Life in the Age of the Photo Op

Lincoln Through The Lens - How Photography Revealed & Shaped An Extraordinary Life

The Dumbest Generation: How the Digital Age Stupefies Young Americans and Jeopardizes Our Future

Mediacology: A Multicultural Approach to Media Literacy in the Twenty-first Century

Writing The Visual: A Practical Guide for Teachers of Composition and Communication

Understanding Audiences and the Film Industry

Teaching Analysis of Film Language (bfi education)

Road to Freedom: Photographs of the Civil Rights Movement

Teaching Visual Literacy: Using Comic Books, Graphic Novels, Anime, Cartoons, and More to Develop Comprehension and Thinking Skills

How To Watch TV News (revised edition)

Thinking Television

Posters, Propaganda, and Persuasion in Election Campaigns Around the World and Through History

Propaganda for Know-It-Alls

The English Teacher's Companion (third edition, contains chapter on media literacy)

Digital Citizenship in Schools

The Future of the First Amendment: The Digital Media, Civic Education, and Free Expression Rights in America's High Schools 

Tuned In -Television and the Teaching of Writing

Web Literacy for Educators

Digital Literacies Concepts, Policies and Practices

New Literacies: Everyday Practices and Classroom Learning

Literacies Across Media -  Playing The Text (2nd ed)

Studying Videogames

Cameras In The Classroom - Educating the Post TV Generation

Blogs, Wikipedia, Second Life, and Beyond: From Production to Produsage

Digital Storytelling In The Classroom: New Media Pathways To Literacy, Learning and Creativity

Good Video Games and Good Learning: Collected Essays on Video Games, Learning and Literacy

RSS For Educators: Blogs, Newsfeeds, Podcasts and Wikis In The Classroom

Media, Learning, and Sites of Possibility

Doing Ads: Approaches for the 21st Century

The Thirty Second Seduction How Advertisers Lure Women Through Flattery, Flirtation, and Manipulation