Teaching Visual Literacy Through Civil Rights Photography
presented by Frank Baker, October 22, 2010 at the
SC Council for Social Studies Conference

“...it would not have been the (Civil Rights) Movement without the pictures..”
Andrew Young
quoted in CNN documentary

Link to PowerPoint (embedded videos will not be active)

1. Cover page from the PowerPoint
2. List of resources referenced in the presentation
3. News Article: What The Still Photo Still Does Best (NYT,  3/21/10)
4. Images of the Civil Rights
5. News Article: TV View: The Camera Lens As Two-Edged Sword (NYT, 1/15/89)
6. Charles Moore photo for analysis and deconstruction (see the photo labeled Alabama 1960)
7. Analyzing Photographs Student Worksheet
8. Home page of "For All The World To See" exhibit
9. Ed resources from "For All The World To See"
10. The Civil Rights Era in the US News & World Report Photo Collection (Library of Congress)

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additional material and resources, not available at the time of the workshop, have been added here:
Photos from the civil rights movement in Columbia SC
Rare civil rights images from the LIFE magazine archives
Gordon Parks: A Lasting Love/A Radically Prosaic Approach to Civil Rights Images
‘Let the world see’: How photographs changed a nation
NY Times Photographs of the Civil Rights Era  (Slide Show)
Soledad O'Brien's 'Pictures Don't Lie' Looks At Civil Rights Photographer Ernest Withers' FBI Ties
Teacher guide to CNN Special "Black in America: Pictures Don't Lie"
Images from the Ernest Withers Collection/Museum
Books featuring civil rights images