TV Toy- Ad Analysis Worksheet
created by Frank Baker ©2005
Teachers: use this worksheet as a handout for students who will be studying
television toy advertising. As students watch commercials, they should fill in the blanks
below.  For more info go to

Name of toy/

of persuasion


Age of
Kids in ad

Small Print


Memorable phrases
or slogans

Visuals (lights, color,
special effects)

Sound (including music)









































*Common techniques of persuasion: 

Cool kids:  everybody wants to be these kids

Family fun: the ad shows a product as something that instantly helps families have fun together

Excitement: the product is the key to amazing fun and adventure.

Star Power: a huge celebrity uses this product

Bigger is better: this ad makes the product look bigger than it actually is

Repetition: manufacturers hope that if you see or hear the product name a lot, you will want it
Feel Good:  this ad tells a story that makes you feel good.

Sounds good: Manufacturers use music and other sound effects to grab your attention and make the product appealing.

What’s missing?: The ad doesn’t give you the full story about the product.

Cartoon characters: They help you remember the product (example: Tony the Tiger)

Weasely words: using words or phrases that are misleading