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2013 (read the story that accompanies this graphic)

Combined 2000-2013 30 Second Ad Costs in Prime Time Networks
(the above file combines all of the data from the charts below)

'Sunday Night Football' Beats 'Grey's Anatomy' (2008-2009) AdAge

2007-2008 Top Ten Prime Time Ad Costs/  Ad Week Chart of all shows

2006-2007 Prime Time Ad Rates

2006 Super Bowl: $2.5M for 30 second ad

2005-2006 Ad Rates

2004-2005 Prime Time 30 Second Ad Rates 
(as reported by  Sept. 27, 2004)

Program Network 30 Sec. Ad Cost
American Idol (Wed) FOX $658,333
American Idol (Tues) FOX $620,000
ER NBC $479,250
Survivor CBS $412,833
Apprentice NBC $409,877
Joey NBC $392,500
CSI CBS $374,231
Will & Grace NBC $359,546
Simpsons FOX $336,935
Contender NBC $330,000
Monday Night Football ABC $323,000

Full list of 2004 ad rates

$2.25M for 30 Second Super Bowl Ad

Price of TV ads During New Season of Programs

The cost of a single 30 second commercial skyrockets when the ad is placed within the annual Super Bowl football game. Can student's brainstorm why the same 30 second ad costs more than $2.1 million dollars in the January 2003 game?

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