A Teacher's Guide to The Academy Awards 
by Frank W. Baker (Copyright 2014)

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Even though many students may not have seen all of the Oscar-nominated films, they can still view the trailers for
the films and read about them online. Trailers are considered persuasive texts because they are designed to pique
the interest of the audience, sometimes months ahead of a film’s release date. Teachers may wish to consider
having students create their own trailers.  For more on trailers as persuasive texts, see 
my web page.

If your students have seen any of the nominated titles, they can be tasked with writing reviews which could be posted
online.  If students have never written a film review, then this is a perfect opportunity to expose them to sample reviews
written by film critics. They can also consider whether or not a particular review helps or hurts a film’s attendance.
Students could also look for excerpts from published reviews which have now been incorporated into the marketing
poster or commercial for a nominated film.

Before starting a unit on the awards, you might wish to use these questions to jump start a lesson with your students:
1. What are the Academy Awards?
2. What organization disseminates them?
3. Who selects which movies get nominated?
4. What are the specific categories of nominated films?
5. Who gets to vote for the nominated films?
6. How do film studios promote their film(s) to the voting members of the Academy? (consider also: social media)
7. Does box office revenue have any role in nominated films—in other words: do movies with large audiences have any
better chances of getting recognized than films with smaller audiences?
8. Does box office increase after a film is nominated or wins an Academy Award?
9. Who gets to attend the annual Academy Awards ceremony?
10. Why does this annual film rite get so much attention?


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