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Graphic Novels/Comics

NOTE: Articles listed below are in reverse
chronological order; most recent are last

links to various resources;
Comic books and graphic novels for libraries: What to buy
Bringing Graphic Novels Into the School curriculum
(The Clearing House, Nov/Dec 2004);
Using Comics and Graphic Novels in the Classroom
Comics in the classroom

Comics in the classroom (Teacher magazine)
More Than Words: Comics as a Means of Teaching Multiple Literacies
Bill Zimmerman Launches Online Educational Comics for Literacy, ESOL
Create your own comics

Expanding Literacies through Graphic Novels
Just What is It With Graphic Novels Anyway ?
Comics in the Classroom: Reaching Out to Reluctant Readers
Comic Strips as a Text Structure for Learning to Read
Reading Teacher; Sept 2007)
Comics may help motivate, inspire struggling students
Using comics to teach science
Graphic novels enliven literature for students

Comics & Graphic Novels: Seeing the Meaning
Teaching Visual Literacy Through Graphic Novels
On Writing (And Reading) the Graphic Novel
Teaching Visual Literacy: Graphic Novels and Critical Theory
Comic Books Make the Grade (Instructor)
Sparking Media Literacy with Comics
Graphic Novels are Hollywood's Newest Gold Mine
Comics In The Classroom

Educators Advocate for Graphic Novels in Class
Comics in the Classroom (many links)

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