Post Election:
Media spent more on covering Obama
Cable's New VOD Politics Channel
Banner Year for Political Spending
2008 Political Ads Worth $2.5 Billion to $2.7 Billion
Obama's Ad Dominance Reaffirmed
The best and brightest political ads (National Journal)
Internet the Second Most-Used Medium for Presidential Election
On the Net: Web still lacks TV's election drama
Obama Victory Is Record News on the Web
Obama Victory Speech Viewed More Than 7M Times on Web
What Obamedia?
Presidential ad picks and pans (Politico)
The Day After, Election-Flavored Ads
Election Night Media Habits Changed Forever
78.6 Mil Watched Prime-Time Election Coverage

Pre- Election:
CO Obama far out-spending McCain on Denver-area TV ads
Election-year ads are bonanza for TV stations
GOP Hits Obama With Pastor Ads Days Ahead Of Election

Ad Spending Surges as Campaign Enters Final Days
Cheney stars in new Obama campaign ad
Obama rips Sarah Palin in new campaign ad
Political Season: Last Of This Year's Big TV Ratings & Ad Spend
Study: Obama Gains on McCain in Negative-Ad Race
Obama ads in GOP turf
Nader Makes First Ad Buy
Obama Outspent McCain 3-to-1 in One Week of October
Infomercial for Obama Is Big Success in Ratings
ABC out of Obama half-hour campaign ad buy
Obama infomercial: Smart politics or risky overkill?
With Time Running Short, Campaigns Engage in a Noisy Air War
Obama ad: Don't get distracted by attacks
OH: Presidential candidates battle for TV advertising slots
Study: Media more negative about McCain than Obama
Mailed Ads Have Become Mostly Negative, Experts Say
New Obama ad looks ahead four years
Winning The Media Campaign: How the Press Reported the 2008 General Election
Obama's ads have the bucks; McCain's have the bark
Political dollars shift to cable
Ready, Aim, Backfire: Nasty Political Ads Fall Flat
(Wall St Journal)
Political ads add to the muddle, clutter on TV
Obama TV Advertising: More, Longer Spots
Spanish ads pit McCain, Obama against each other
Obama’s Ad Effort Swamps McCain and Nears Record
RNC pulls ads from Wisconsin, Maine to focus on red states
Obama drowning out McCain in TV ads
G.O.P. Opens Wallet for Ads

McCain Attack Ads Called Inevitable -- And Ineffective
54% Pay Attention to Political Ads, 64% Rate Most Ads Negative
Presidential ads provide windfall to local stations
Obama Airs 25,000 Commercials in Past Four Days
Why Negative Ads are Good for Voters (Newsweek)
Obama Says 'Yes We Can!' to In-Game Advertising
How To Win The White House Using Online Advertising
Negative ads can cause a physical reaction
Obama Camp Drops $2 Million on 30-Minute Prime-Time Slots
Study: 2008 Race More Negative Than 2004
Obama, Purse Swelling, Plans Half-Hour TV Ad
Campaign ads focus more heavily on Wisconsin
Study: Nearly all recent McCain ads were negative
Obama Outspending McCain Nearly 3 to 1 on TV
Independent groups are new power in political ads
UAW launches ad campaign against McCain
Pollster : McCain’s Attack Ads Aren’t Working on Voters
McCain ad calls Obama 'dishonorable'
Independent groups aim at McCain, Obama in new ads
Obama outspends McCain on ads in Michigan
McCain pullout will slow spending on TV political ads
False political advertising works, and that's no lie

McCain, Obama camps trade barbs on negative ads
Bonfire of the verities Both presidential candidates skirt truth in campaign ads
Obama counters upcoming negative ads
Obama, McCain Saturating TV With Ads
Negative Campaign Ads Have Surprising Impact on Voters’ Feelings About the Candidates
MI McCain pulls advertising in Michigan  
Obama, McCain Spending Big On Local Attack Ads
NRA Delivers New Ad in Spanish
Wildlife group expands reach of anti-Palin wolf ad
Are Political Commercials Muddying TV News Ad Space?
McCain Winning Search-Ad Race
Smear Wars: Welcome to Negative Ad Season (Time Magazine)
McCain, Obama ads on network evening newscasts
McCain, Obama wasting no time with attack ads
Post-debate attack ads launched
How Voice Actors Are Chosen for Political Ads
Campaigns spend big bucks for wave of TV ads
McCain TV ads to air  next week
5 States Where McCain Is Spending More on Ads Than Obama

Dubious Claims in Obama’s Ads Against McCain, Despite Vow of Truth
Truth in Advertising? Not for Political Ads (Time Magazine)
Facts, Fables & Fibs
(Time Magazine)
Harsh attack ads are narrowly focused in presidential campaign
McCain ads low on truth; Obama's not much better
NRA Targets Obama-Biden in Ongoing Ad Buy
Presidential candidates air attack ads
Analysis: Political Ads Must Be Fact-Checked
Obama, McCain Spend Record $94M In August
McCain's negative ads could backfire
Colorado tops in presidential TV ad buys
VA Spending for TV ads shows Va.'s importance
Campaigns target each others economic advisors

Ad Buys Point to Familiar Presidential Battleground
What's really airing
527 Releases ‘Swift Boat’ Style Ad of McCain
Truth telling in the media and the fall elections (MPR)
Obama Ad Mocks McCain as Out of Date
Obama mocks McCain as computer illiterate in ad
McCain Ratchets Up National TV Ads
Obama, McCain issue competing TV ads on education
McCain Ads Are Hybrid Vehicles
McCain's New Ad: ‘Original Mavericks’
McCain vs. Obama: The online race
Political ads permeate fall TV
Sarah Palin VP Announcement Inspires Ads
5 Misleading Presidential Campaign Ads
Obama Expands Lead on McCain in Online Advertising Battle in June
Anti-McCain ad a 'nightmare'
GOP scales back TV ad plans in some states, not NH
McCain ad: Palin more qualified than Obama
Camps Get Back To Business With Dueling Ads
Obama Unleashes Ad Mocking McCain’s Ties to Bush
Report: Rove raising money for attack ads
McCain's ads on taxes are just plain false (Oped)
Study: Based Solely on Olympics Ads, McCain Prevails
Companies offer targeted political ads
Obama's new ads: McCain-Bush, not Palin
McCain Scores Point in PR Wars
Obama ad: Despite Palin, McCain isn't change agent
McCain to spend advertising money in Minnesota
Cable Consortium Pushes Political On-Demand Ads
Political Ads: Web Vs. TV
Political Ads: TV's Last Bonanza
Obama campaign preparing series of attack ads
McCain Ad Calls Obama Dangerously Unprepared
Candidates Spending More on Cable Ads
Conservative Group’s Ads Link Obama to 1960s Radical
Obama counterattacks on 'Swift Boat'-style ads
How Are Political Ads Made Quickly?
'3 AM' McCain ad uses Clinton clips
Obama asks Justice probe of 'Issues' ads
McCain ad: Clinton's 'truth hurt'
McCain ad says Obama snubbed Clinton in VP pick
Obama silences ads in some states during convention
Every Four Years: Presidential Campaign Ads (Newseum DC Exhibit)
Obama Stops Advertising in Red Battleground States
When Images Speak Louder Than Words
Group to spend $2.8 million on anti-Obama ad
Candidates' wives lend voices to anti-poverty ad

Presidential campaign ads: Watch, rate
Obama ad focuses on tax cuts
McCain, Obama to silence critical ads on Sept. 11
Obama’s Ads in Key States Go on Attack
Television Starts to Court the Young Voter
All's Fair in Love and Political Ads  
They're back: Harry and Louise on health insurance
Subtle Internet Ads Send Targeted Political Messages (NPR)
Obama targets Olympic audience with economic TV ad
Obama, McCain Air Olympics Ads (WSJ)
Jackson Browne sues McCain over ad
Are You Ready For More McCain Attack Ads? (Natl Journal)
NC Obama campaign spends over $2M on NC TV ads
Entravision, Univision Political Ads May Soar in US Election
IN New Obama ad features Hoosiers criticizing the economy
Who's winning the message war, Obama or McCain?
Candidates' Olympics ads take different approaches
FL Obama Runs 9,785 TV Ads In Fla., Zero For McCain
Study: Candidate Web Sites Are as Effective as TV and Cable Ads
Campaigns unveil dueling celebrity ads
Barack Obama responds with his own McCain 'celebrity' ad
Political Spots Now a Bargain
Getting in their digital digs
On positive side, negative ads work
Obama Ad Attacks McCain on Yucca Mountain
GOP  Launches Three New Ads
New McCain Ad Hits Obama on Celebrity Again
Is there sinister subtext in McCain ads? (Politico)
Poll: Obama's ads positive, McCain's not
Obama' plan to put ads on gas pumps hits roadblock
Winning the Message War: 2 Parts (Campaigns & Elections)
McCain ad asks if Obama is ready to help families
McCain’s $6M Olympic ad buy tops Obama’s
New McCain ad pushes independence, distance from Bush
Study: McCain Finally Getting Media Coverage Equal To Obama
McCain ads may hurt Obama, but they've already hurt McCain
Obama assails McCain as tool of Big Oil in ad
Obama ad calls for return of windfall profits tax
Campaign ad blitz already at $50 million
Obama extends reach with TV ads
No. 1 spots for campaign ads? Phila. and Pa. (Philadelphia Inquirer
Election Year Rains Millions on Media Outlets
Presidential Candidates Battle It Out With Ads
Presidential Campaign Ads Take On Aggressive Tone
MoveOn responds to McCain ads
Battleground states see more political ads
Our view on campaign fairness: McCain attack ad cheapens campaign. More to come?/ Opposing view: Ad confronts the inevitable
Campaign ads attack GOP candidates for oil industry ties
Obama, McCain Now Battling On MTV, Comedy Central
Comedy Central Accepts Political Ad
Are the media biased against Obama?
Political Ads May Not Tell Whole Story (NPR)
New McCain Ads Attack Obama's Canceled Troop Visit
McCain has Berlin moment too — in little Berlins
Election-Year Ads Seek Spotlight for Education Issues
Obama to run ads during Olympics
McCain, Obama launch new radio ads
RNC airs anti-Obama ads
McCain, Obama spend $7.2M on Michigan TV ads

McCain TV ad accuses Obama of shifting Iraq views
Third party groups unleash barrage of new ads
Two ads, two views of Iraq war
McCain returns to NM, ads focus on Hispanics
RNC and DNC exchange web attack ads on Iraq
Black Media Hopeful on Election Ad Spending
Ad campaign presses candidates on education
Hispanics in military focus of ad
Obama Ad Takes On McCain’s Energy Plans
Cashing In On Obama; McCain/ Where the presidential candidates spend their money (NYT)
New RNC Ads Go After Obama on Energy
Through Ads, Candidates Vie For Hispanic Voters (NPR)
RNC Launching $3 Million Ad Buy in Four States
U.S. presidential race: TV ads galore (Canada)
Obama, McCain Launch Competing Campaign Ads
NRA to target Obama in ad blitz
McCain campaign pulls ads from some anti-Obama Web sites
MTV is keen on airing new video: political ads
Obama airs second campaign ad in Indiana
Unions’ election drive means TV, money and troops
McCain Ad Touts Energy Policy
New Ad Hits Obama on Abortion
Breaking Tradition, MTV to Accept Political Advertising
GOP senator makes ad touting work with Obama
Obama Camp Vows To Fight Race-Based Ads
Negative TV ads are nothing new in political campaigns
NYT: Obama plans push on ads, turnout
Obama Mulling NBC Olympics Ads
States targeted for Barack Obama ad include some shockers
Obama Launches Nationwide Ad Campaign
Young Child Used in Anti-McCain Ad
AFSCME, MoveOn ad targets McCain on Iraq war
McCain, liberal groups roll out new TV ads
Tony Schwartz Obit: helped create famous Daisy Ad
Appeals court tells FEC to enforce law on ads
Primaries Boost Cable News Ad Revenue
The internet and the 2008 election (Pew Study)
Election Ad Uptick
John Cusack takes on John McCain in MoveOn.org ad
Media Charged With Sexism in Clinton Coverage
McCain doesn't talk about Vietnam, but ads do
McCain releases Florida ad in Spanish
McCain airing 'hates war' TV ads
McCain Launches Spanish Radio Ads in NM and Arizona
Obama putting more ad shops on his team
Democrats Enjoy More Positive Media Coverage than McCain
Survey: Most say campaign ads only bore and annoy
Ad edge in 11-day span boosted Obama, study says
Democrats, especially Obama, won campaign ad war
McCain Quietly Spending on TV in Swing States
For Now, McCain Has The TV-Ad Scene to Himself
How Barack Obama Is Using the Web to Further Engage Voters
MoveOn.org Launches Anti-McCain Ad Campaign
McCain to Begin TV Ads in Michigan
Going negative in political advertising
527 groups get the cold shoulder
New Clinton Ads for Oregon, Kentucky
Obama warns Republicans about critical ads
Obama stresses his faith in ads
MoveOn ad features pro-Obama Republican
Are Political Ad Dollars Going Online?
Politcal ads changing 
The Wealth Behind the Stealth: Advocacy TV Ads Flood the Electoral Landscape
Misleading gas ads from Clinton, Obama
Campaign Ad War
Republicans use Obama as the bad guy in negative ads
A profitable primary over in TV land
Political Spending Not Benefitting TV Stations Yet
MoveOn to Air Anti-McCain Ads
Obama campaign blasts negative ads
IN Presidential campaign prompts unprecedented political ads
Ad Showcases Women in Obama's Family
Pro-Clinton group airing ad in Indiana
DNC Releases First Anti-McCain Ad
Obama strategy: More ads, fewer debates
Obama leads off campaign ads with family health-care issue
NC GOP leadership divided over Obama ad
McCain asks NC GOP not to run ad
NC Presidential candidates use ads to win support
Democrats Look Ahead With Ind., N.C. Ads
Hillary, Obama hit each other in attack ads
Political TV Ads Uneven, Back-Loaded
Three negative spots debut in one day
New Media As the Message (National Journal)
TV ads turn negative as primary nears
Clinton Airs 5 New Ads in Pa.
Obama's unprecedented ad buy
'Soft money' battle brewing
Clinton goes on TV in Tar Heel state
McCain and Clinton Ads Spar Over Mortgage Crisis
Clinton TV Ad: McCain Not Ready to Handle 3 a.m. Economic Crisis
Media Curves: Viewers React To Clinton, Obama Ads
Clinton Lagging in TV Ad Spending
NC Obama campaign starts TV ads today
Obama plays on hoops fever in state TV ad buys
McCain launches general election ad
Clinton ads up in Pa
Obama Begins Airing Campaign Ads In Pittsburgh
Dem-leaning group airs anti-McCain ad
MoveOn.org ads back Obama
Movie stars help with Obama ad
OH Primary TV ads: 3,383 here
The Ohio Ad Wars
Girl in TV phone ad for Clinton is a big supporter of Obama
Newsweek: Spying attack ads on the way
Ads' influence falls away in a 'message election'
Clinton’s ‘Daisy’ Ad?
Iraq back in political ads
Flush with cash, Obama outbooks Clinton in TV Ads
Study: Obama spent 5 times more than Clinton on primary ads
Texas political ad blitz kicks off
Clinton Friends to Mount Ohio Ad Campaign
Obama Still Has Big Advertising Edge
Clinton hopes negative ads will save her campaign

OH Clinton leads in polls, but Obama spends more for TV ads
Obama campaign to start radio ad campaign
Obama winning ad wars in region
Clinton Seeks to Regroup in Ad Wars
Young voters influenced by negative ads
Obama to start ads in Ohio, Texas
Web-only campaign advertisements flood presidential race
Local advertising minimal ahead of primary
Obama, Clinton trade ad buys in critical states
WI Political ad blitz at hand
McCain launches TV ads in Virginia
Political TV Ads Running Early in the District
Even Michigan gets taste of big ad blitz
Candidates spend super sums on television ads
Ad analysis: Super Tuesday
Obama Runs Ad During Super Bowl
Screening the Chances: Candidates' spending on TV ads shows the ins and outs of the medium  (link to study press release)
TV ad blitz launched ahead of Super Tuesday
Obama goes unchallenged on airways
Campaign ads not so negative after all
Romney Outspends All Opponents Combined in Ad Buys
Romney: Major Ad Buys in California, Other Super Tuesday States
MA Obama campaign will aim an ad at Super Bowl viewers in Boston
Obama outlines aggressive Super Tuesday ad campaign
Obama Campaign Ads Are Coming to a TV Near You
Democratic front-runners bring the ad war to Jersey
AK Ron Paul ad airing on Arkansas TV stations
Obama’s New Ads in the Big States
Obama Campaign Launches TV Ads
McCain Ads Attack Romney
Primary Tally So Far: 160000 TV Spots and $141M in Spending
  Giuliani Blitzes Florida with Ad Buys
Obama ads feature prominent politicians
Political Ad Spending- Less than expected
Edwards' Feb. 5 Ad Buy
Democrats Test Messages in Early Nationwide Ads
U.Va. team: Negative political ads can be good
Clinton To Begin Running Ads
Obama to begin airing TV ads in advance of primary
Clinton, Obama Run Ads On State TV
Obama Ads Start Running
Obama to begin running TV ads ; Obama's campaign to begin TV, radio
Barack Obama ads start airing  
Clinton, Obama run ads in Feb. 5 states
Giuliani, McCain launch new web ads
Clinton begins running TV ads in TN
Clinton Begins Running Ads In Missouri
Political Candidates Favor Old Media over New
Great Political Ads Pack a Powerful Punch
Clinton cries foul on Obama cable ads
Obama to launch TV ads
Usually left behind, radio now wants slice of political ads
LISTEN 'Hitman' Shares Secrets of Negative Campaigning
Romney Outspends Rest of GOP Candidates in S.C.
Romney leads in S.C. TV ads
South Carolina Ad Wars
Radio fine-tunes for more political ads
Romney Ads Back Up
Democratic candidates attune to the power of niche TV advertising
NV TV ad blitz starts in Nevada
Edwards's Run-of-the-Mill Ad
Edwards Releases New Ads in South Carolina
McCain seeks military vote in SC ad
Political candidates spend early, often on TV ads
Marketing Presidential Candidates on the Web Goes Mainstream
Romney Pulls Ads from SC, FL
Iowa Upends Political-Ad Wisdom
Over $45 Million Spent on Broadcast in Iowa: What Happens Next?