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Attack ads sometimes backfire
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'Snappy' ads helping politicians build their brands
Negative Ads Dominate Party Spending for US Midterm Election
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Outside Groups Spending Millions on Ads
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 Study: Interest in political news steady
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In Campaign Ads for Democrats, Bush Is the Star
Video Web Sites Become Instrumental In Politics
Political Ad Spending Could Hit $1.6 Billion This Year

  Playing field leveling in media coverage of political candidates
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DVRs help viewers skip campaign ads
Political ad spending on record pace
YouTube Election
Politicians Seek Youth Via My Space  
Candidates Turning To Podcasting To Get Message Out
More Candidates in January Could Mean More Ad Spending in 2008

 Despite hot races, TV is mostly free of political ads
Bloggers battle old-school media for political clout

An About Face on 527 Groups
Negative Ads Play Crucial Role in Campaigns
Political: $440 Million and Counting
Study: media use more male experts
Blogs changing political discourse, shaping media coverage

Candidates: Message goes online
Online Political Ad Dollars Will Continue to 'Explode'

"An Eye On The White House And An Eye On You: Forget television ads. In 2008, candidates will watch your Web searches and cozy up to your friends. (What's Next/Campaigns)." 
In politics, blogs and text messages are the new American way

Should campaign-finance laws apply to blogs?

Ruling allows challenges to limits on political ads
Weigh Limits Put on Campaign Ads
Political Ads Often Aim to Confuse
Animation Tries to Enliven Political Ads
Political TV ads crowd California, NY markets
Local TV election coverage challenged
FEC must rewrite campaign finance rules 
Iowa TV viewers to see ads touting Rice in ’08
 Image trumps issues in elections (
 Coming soon to your TV:
year round Political ads
Bloggers may face campaign standards
FEC Weighs Limited Internet Activity Rules
Study: $100M Spent on TV Ads in Ohio Race 
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