"Frank Baker may be the most media-literate
educator in America."
John Norton, editor of Middleweb's
Of Particular Interest, 1/13/09

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What they're saying about Frank W. Baker
"professional"  "inspiring"  "informative"  "engaging"   "great presenter"  "fabulous" "valuable"  "excellent"

Frank W. Baker has conducted hundreds of workshops for educators and students across the United States. This page will tell
you more about him and what a workshop at your school, district or conference might look like.

A message from Frank:
  "Everywhere I go, teachers tell me that their students believe everything they see, read and hear.
Today many students aren't applying the critical thinking skills we know they need in order to become active, engaged,
intelligent citizens and consumers of information. 21st century skills include both critical thinking and media literacy--
both part of every state's teaching standards.  Today's students only know what they see on the screens (TV, computer,
motion picture). They don't have a clue how it got to the screen: the process. Media literacy, among other things, is about
helping them appreciate how media are constructed. When we 'pull back the curtain' (on advertising, TV, film, propaganda,
etc. ) exposing how they work, and give students opportunities to create media, we help them better understand and appreciate
both the 'languages of  media' and how the media influence and persuade: critical skills in a 21st century world."

Thousands of schools and organizations link to the Media Literacy Clearinghouse and many of his resources have been recommended by: 
  Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences; Access Learning; ASCD; Assn of Media Literacy;  Australian Teachers of Media;
Blueprint for Democracy;  Cable In The Classroom; Education Week; Edutopia;  INFOHIO; NCSS; NCTE;  PBS; School Library Journal, and School Library Monthly.

Frank is a national Jessie McCanse Awardee and "Leaders in Learning" honoree. He is a consultant to the SC Writing Improvement Network,
and former consultant to the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE).  To learn more, read his detailed bio.

Watch Frank talk to the media about toy advertising
See this excerpt from his recent "Storytelling Through Film" workshop with elementary students.

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