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The Role of Media in Elections: 
Helping Students Understand Media's Influence
by Frank Baker, media educator
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Purpose of this website:
This website is devoted primarily to the 30-second campaign "spot" so common in American elections. The site is designed to provide teachers with the tools they need to introduce political campaign advertising to their students. Another goal is to assist teachers who want to help their students become aware of the unique techniques of persuasion used in these ads. To start, click the Background/Introduction/Standards link in the left hand column.

NEW: Visual Persuasion & Politics

         Your TV Is Spying on You (And Why Political Advertising Depends on It)
         Obama, Romney Campaign Staffers Break Down Strategies On Ads
         Men Dominate Media Coverage of 2012 Election
A Review Of 2012 Confirms A 'Pulverizing' Level Of Political Ads
         Local Stations Took in 80% of Political Spending on TV Ads (TVB)
Poll: Americans generally skeptical of political ads
         Romney & Republicans Outspent Obama, But Couldn't Out-Advertise Him
A look at online ads in the 2012 election
         Obama photo-ops draw criticism
Social media a star during presidential election
         Visual Journalism & election night images
         How To Read A Political Campaign Photo (CJR)
         The Art of Crafting A Presidential Campaign Commercial
         Streaming Videos for Teaching Media & The Campaign 2012
Make your own political campaign ad
         Read: Explaining political ads to kids (slideshow)
         How Not To Be Fooled by Campaign Ads
         Download:  Toss Up State Map With News Headlines

         Teachable Moment: Watching The Debates With Students;
         Lights, Camera Debate (includes
Debate Watcher Worksheet);

         What Students Should Know About Campaigns & The Media;
         Frank is interviewed by School Library Journal;
         The 30 Second Campaign (essay from UPFRONT);
         Identifying Patterns of Deception in Campaign 2012 Ads

TIME Magazine
October 15,2012

Political Truths Are Not Black and White
October 1, 2012

Election 2012
Cash Streams In
Could we run out of airtime? "consultants and station managers warn. Airtime scarcity will be more of an issue in 2012 than ever before." The February 2, 2012 issue of THE WEEK magazine examines the proliferation of Super PAC ads during the current season in The Dirtiest Campaign

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The story behind the ad that changed American politics

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Television and the Presidency How the News Affects Our  Perceptions


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