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 Recommended App

InAWorld where you can be the star of your own movie trailers... InAWorld…Drama is a fun app that lets you create and star in your very own movie trailers. It's a combination of Mad Libs meets the movies that's very entertaining and surprisingly addictive.

 Lesson Plans:
                    Analyzing & Creating Movie Marketing Posters
                    The Blockbuster Movie
                    Deconstructing Movie Ads (starts on page 53)
                    Designing A Movie Poster (starts on page 100)
Film Adaptation of a Novel: Creating the Movie Poster
                    Film Marketing & Publicity (Fis)
                    Glogster Movie Poster

                    How to Create A Film Poster (eHow)
                    Making The Movie Poster
                    Making Trailers (Film Education)
Market A Movie
                    Movie Poster Analysis
                    Movie Poster Studies
Movie Posters: Capturing the Essence of a Story

 Media Studies Movie Marketing
 Mosaic of Movie Poster Cliches
 Movie Marketing: To Kill A Mockingbird
Movie Marketing: Trying to Create Buzz in Time of Twitter
 Movie Madness Marketing Blog
 Movie Poster Creator

 Reel to Real: A Political Reflection of Hollywood Film Posters
 Representation of Gender In Movie Posters
 Teaching Trailers (Film Education)
 Trailers As Persuasive Texts

 Why Good Posters Matter

 Recommended texts:

Film & Video Marketing

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