Language of Film-Film Language/Film Literacy              
 Recommended resources: Frank's Language of Film website
Teaching Students About Film Careers & Cinema Literacy


Lesson Plans:  Analyzing Scenes in Film & Literature
                    Film Language & Elements of Style(Film Foundation)
                    Lights, Camera, Education (AFI)
                    Reading Movies: Learning The Language of Moving Image Texts
                    The Visual Grammar of Film
Lessons in Visual Language
(Video series)
Lights, Camera, Action: A Grammar of Film for Media Literacy (pg. 10 Knowledge Quest)
Lighting, Colour, Music: A Study of Film Elements
Looking At Movies: An Introduction To Film
Looking at Movies: Composing The Frame;
Form & Content Shot Types & Implied Proximity;
Making Movies: A Guide for Young Filmmakers
Making Movies Make Sense (Understanding and using film language)
Media Analysis
Media Literacy: Reading Between The Frames (AMPAS) 
Mise en scene (Film Analysis Guide)
Movie Lovers Guide to Film Language: Classic Scenes
Movie Terminology Glossary (IMDB)
Persisting Vision: Reading The Language of Cinema (Martin Scorsese)

Questions Students Should Consider When Watching Any Film (
Reading A Film (Think Film)
Reading a film sequence
Reading Film: Decoding the Codes
Reading Films Critically
Reading Films in the Classroom
Reading Meaning in Media Texts: Codes
Rule of Thirds
Seven Teaching Resources on Film Literacy
Signs & Syntax
Strategies for teaching film as text
Teaching Film in HS English Class

Technical and Symbolic Codes: The Elements of Film  
Technical codes in non-fiction films

Ten Tools for Reading Film
Thinking About Film: cultural codes; technical codes
Thinking About Films
Tips for Film Viewing
Understanding the Language of film (ppt)
Using DVDs to Teach Film Language
Visual Grammar in Film
Visual language of video and film
Visual Literacy: Understanding Film Elements
Visual Rhetoric/Visual Literacy: Writing About Film
What is screen literacy?

Basics of How To Read A Film
Cineliteracy: The Rule of Thirds

Close Reading Films (prezi)
Close Reading of Film (pdf 21 pages)
Cultural codes in non-fiction films
DVDs That Help Teach Film Language
Exploring Language Moving Images
Film Analysis Guide
Film Analysis in the Classroom Resource Kit (ACMI)
Film Analysis:
Production & Story Elements
Film analysis worksheet
Film & Reading Strategies (Reading In The Dark)
Film Codes & Conventions
Film Glossary Project
Film In The Classroom (NYT Learning Network)
Film Language (episode of American Cinema)
Film Language Booklet
Film Language Glossary
Film Language Wiki
Film Literacy: Analyzing Film Techniques
Film literacy terms
Filmmaking Process
Film (media) literacy
Five Minute Film Festival: Film Literacy (links)
Guide to Film Analysis in the Classsroom
Grammar of Film: Type of Shots 
Grammar of TV & Film see also link
Group Questions for Viewing Film
How to Read a Film (text/DVD)

How To Read A Movie (Roger Ebert)
How To Watch A Movie (Moviemaker)
Introduction to Cinema Literacy 101
Intro to Cinema Literacy 101: Viewing and Watching Films Critically
Intro to Film Technique & Terminology (video)
Introduction to Film Appreciation
The Language of Film -(PBS)
The language of film (Michael Wohl)
The language of film
The language of film (AMPAS)
Language of Film (Pacific Cinémathèque)
Language of Film (To Kill A Mockingbird)
Language of film analysis (cameras, editing)
The Language of movies

 Recommended app:

The Close-Up Film Language Glossary provides clear and concise definitions of essential film language terms used in basic and advanced film courses. Though geared for use in high school (particular sixth forms) and higher education the glossary is appropriate for anyone generally interested in cinema, film and film analysis. The Close-Up Film Language Glossary contains a unique collection of 'Visual markers', which are visualizations of filmic means and techniques. Groups of visual markers provide a quick and comprehensive overview of important categories of film language. Additionally a collection of useful checklists which help you analyzing the different aspects of film language in classroom study or when writing a film studies essay can be obtained separately from within the app

 Recommended texts/periodicals/multimedia:

Film and television textual analysis: a teacher's guide [Book]
Basics Film-making: The Language of Film by John Marlan Cover image
Making Movies Make Sense
Cinema Studies: The Key Concepts  Film Language

 DVDs (some of which have text companions)
 Looking At Movies
Film, Form and Culture

 How to Read A Film: Multimedia Edition
The Art of Watching Films

 American Cinema: 100 Years of Filmmaking
Moving Images Making Movies, Understanding Media

 Moguls & Movie Stars: A History of Hollywood
Filmmakers on Film
 Story of Film

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