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 Timely news:
 An Auteur, In His Own Words
 Alphonso Cuaron Wins Best Director Oscar for 'Gravity'
 Director's Roundtable: The Envelope (video)
Directors Guild Awards: Alfonso Cuaron wins for 'Gravity
 Experts' advice for aspiring filmmakers

 The release of some of George Cukor's works on DVD is the occasion for this writer to focus on the director's attention to visual composition
 and camera movement among other things.

 In a recent issue of Entertainment Weekly magazine, Steven Spielberg tells stories from throughout his entire filmography, but in this
 online-only excerpt he dives deep into his early years, when he was just a “pre-teen”-looking kid from Arizona, hustling around Hollywood
 with a projector in a suitcase and an armload of short films.

 from HitFix: Martin Scorsese's child's-eye adventure "Hugo" is the latest in a long line of the director's films boasting astonishing technical
 artistry from a distinguished team of loyal collaborators. With the film hitting theaters, the site looks back and rounds up the finest
 below-the-line elements from his oeuvre, including contributions from such films as "Shutter Island," "The Age of Innocence" and "Raging Bull."

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   Anatomy of A Scene: directors discuss ideas and techniques behind scenes in their films.
                                       Anatomy of a Scene: 'Django Unchained'
                               The Amazing Spider-Man; 'Moonrise Kingdom'; Beasts of the Southern Wild;
The Woman in Black; The Artist Tinker Tailor Solider Spy Drive; Never Let Me Go Hanna
                              Horrible Bosses The Future Higher Ground Harry Potter Senna;   Submarine Fantastic Mr. Fox

  Recommended school resources:

Director in The Classroom
Director: Film, Tv, Radio, and Stage (Career Explorat.. Product Details

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A personal journey with Martin Scorsese through American movies [Book]

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 A Talk With Hitchcock (1964) (stream)
 Directors: Life Behind The Cameras (pt 3 Hollywood's Best Directors Choose Their Best Movies)


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