Language of Film-Curricula
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  Timely news/resources:
  Teachers Look to Film to Foster Critical Thinking (August 2013)
  Film Ed & The Common Core (March 2013)
  How to incorporate lessons about film into the curriculum (January 2012)

  Recommended resources:
FÍS Film Project    



All About Special Effects (PBS/NOVA)
AMPAS: Teacher Guide
Anatomy Of A Scene; worksheet
Blueprint for Teaching and Learning in the Moving Image: Grades K-12
Cinematic Magic: Using Film in Class
Cinematography 101 (Global Action Project)
Comparing a Literary Work to Its Film Interpretation
Curriculum for Digital Media Creation
Critiquing Films Using Sight and Sound
Director's Cut
Exploring Satire with "Shrek"
Film As Literature
Film in the Classroom, Revised (PBS, Masterpiece)
Film In The Curriculum (UK)
Filmmaking Across the Curriculum
Film Project for Primary (Ireland)
Film Teaching Guides

Film Teaching Guides (Univ of Florida)
Genre & Media Literacy (teens and films)
How to Read Film

Immigrants In Film (PBS New Americans)
Introduction to Film Appreciation
Learning Filmmaking Vocabulary by Making Films (RWT)
Lights, Camera, Action...Music:
Learning Network (lengthy list, NYT)
Lights, Cameras, Education (AFI)
Literature To Film

Look Again (BFI)
Making Movies Matter
Media Literacy: Reading Between The Frames (AMPAS)

Moving Images In The Classroom
Novel as Screenplay
Reading Films
Screenwriting 101
Story of Movies; background
Teach Animation
Teaching Film in HS ELA
Teaching Film Study
Teaching Film Study and Literature to Film
Understanding Media: Analyzing Media- Movie Posters
Using Film In Schools: A Practical Guide
Using Movies In The Classroom (NCTE, May 2008)
Using Movies to Improve Visual Literacy
Visual Grammar of Film
Writing a Flashback & Flash-Forward (Read, Write Think)

  Recommended texts for K-12 students
  Recommended Texts/DVDs For Classroom Teachers 
  DVDs With Extras To Teach The Language of Film 
  Recommended Film Studies Books/DVDs

  Using Film in Schools: A Practical Guide (UK)
  Periodicals about Film
  Film Education   
  American Film Institute
  Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences

  National Film Board of Canada

  Media Literacy Clearinghouse film links
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