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The Power of Pictures (Lesson Plan: PBS "Reporting America At War")

 Images of War 

 From the Civil War to the current wars, photographic images have played a 
 major role in how we perceive what is happening. On this web site, we offer some of 
 the still photos taken by photographers in Iraq: some have been published in newspapers 
 and online, some have not. (In addition, you will find resources related to previous

 As students review these photographs, they should keep in mind the following questions:

 - who took the photograph and for what purpose?
 - who/what is being shown? not shown? why or why not?
 - how might the current conflict restrict a photographer?
 - are war photographers free to go where they want or are they accompanied by 
 military personnel?
 - how might the "embedding" of news gathers help/restrict our understanding?
 - how might a specific photo be used to sway public opinion?
 - has your local newspaper shown pictures of people injured or killed? If not, why not?

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 An Iconic Image from The Invasion of Iraq Is Not What it Seemed (March 2013)
'Conflict Zone’ photo exhibit shows war through the lenses of conflict photographers (May 2011)
 How Civil War Photography Changed War (April 2011)
 TIME magazine helps Afgan teen maimed by war (Aug 2010) 

 Through Soldiers’ Eyes, ‘The First YouTube War’ (May 2010)
 Girl in Iconic Vietnam War Photo Brings Message of Hope
Many newspapers decline to run AP photo of mortally wounded Marine/ Behind The Scenes: To Publish or Not
 AP Photo of dying Marine draws fire from Pentagon (Sept 09)  (photo
 New Doubts Raised Over Famous War Photo (August 2009)
 Images, the Law and War
(May 2009)

 Pentagon to Release Photos of Detainee Abuse (April 2009)
 Pentagon to Allow Photos of Soldiers’ Coffins (February 2009)
 Photo exhibit captures faces of war (June 08)
 Reuters: Bearing Witness: Five Years of The Iraq War (March 2008)
ive Years In": NYT journalists look back at the start of the war
 Image Of U.S. Soldier Wins World Press Photo Prize (Feb. 2008)
 Show Me The Bodies (NYT, June 2006)
 Real or fake (National Journal, April 2006)
 Military tightens use of electronic media (Sept.2005)  
 Gathering views images of U.S. war dead (Aug. 2005)
 Ethical double standard for war photographs? (July 2005)
 Bosnian video of atrocities shakes families
(June 2005)
 Prison Images (of Saddam Hussein) Raise Issues for World Media
 Portrait of War: Unseen photos, untold stories (LA Times May 2005)
 Not a pretty picture: why won't US papers run graphic images (May 2005)
 Readers and journalists discuss the value of graphic images in newspapers. (March 2005)
 American Journalism Review's article (Oct/Nov.2004) Images of War
 Panel: U.S. newspapers running more tragic photos in wake of 9/11
 Selling War (propaganda exhibit)

Sources for Israeli/Lebanese War Photos:

Reuters AFP


Newscom Rex

AP Weekly Gallery

BBC News Fox News Photo Essays

TIME Magazine

Newsweek CBS News  

 To locate the latest photos: go to    http://news.yahoo.com
 In the toolbar, pull down NEWS PHOTOS; next search for "Israel" or"Lebanon" and "war"

 War Poster Parody            

 Other Sources of Images from the War with Iraq      

ABC News Online: 
War In Iraq Photo Galleries

Guardian Unlimited (UK) 
Photo Gallery


Agence France Presse

Knight Ridder Tribune

Rex Features (UK) 

Army Times, 
Frontline Photos

Lycos War Photographs  Time 
What You See, What They See
Pictures of The Week
Associated Press
 (see The Day In Photos; Photo Week; Focus On Iraq)
United Press International
The Australian
Latest pictures
Nando Times World Photos US News.com 
BBC News Photo Gallery Newsweek  War Images from The Age  
Images of War
New York Times

NYTimes News Service
War in Iraq 
Front Pages
ChannelNewsAsia NY Daily NewsPix Washington Post
CNN War In Iraq
Photo Gallery
New York Post World Photos
DefenseLink News Photos Orlando Sentinel Photo Gallery World Picture News
Financial Times Photos from Australia Yahoo News Photos  

 Background Readings/Resources  

War: A Photo Essay (Dec 09-Jan 10, Armchair General Magazine)

 Images of War: Combat Photography (1918-1971)

 War In Iraq: Coordinates Of Conflict (photographic exhibit)

 Militia's Other Weapons: Videos (8/24)

 Terrorists' visual warfare uses the media as weapon (8/4)

 War on Film
(PBS: Art In The 21st Century)

 Shock value: Horror of terrorism playing on home TV screens

War Photography's Power Page 1  Page 2

 Digital camera exposes wartime brutality

 Photo Wars (Mother Jones, May 2004)  Torture Photos

 Photographer fired for taking photos of solider's caskets/controversy (4/23)

 U.S., media fight battle of images

 White House ban on photographs of slain soldiers questioned by many. 

 Still Photos Capture The War's Real Deal

 Photoshopping from the Front Lines

 LA Times Admits War Photographer Altered Image      AP Story

 American Photography: Photography & War
 Lesson: "To Censor or Not To Censor? The Power of War Photos"
 In this lesson students analyze photographs of a particular
 20th century war and debate government censorship of photos
 taken during wartime.

 The Spanish-American war, in Motion Pictures

 Journalists at War

 Military Censorship of War Photographs

 War Photographer Warns of Censorship, Challenges

 Committee to Project Journalists

 Critically Viewing Photographs: Civil War, Lesson Plan

 Images of War (Civil War) Lesson Plan

 Links to other war images:

Civil War Images World War I images World War II images Vietnam War images
Spanish Am War images Korean War images Gulf War images  

 Recommended Texts/Videos

Uncommon Valor, Common Virture: Iwo Jima and the Photograph That Changed America

Faces of War: The Untold Story of Edward Steichen's WWII Photographers

 Hollywood Goes to War:
How Politics, Profits and Propaganda Shaped World War II Movies

 Cameras on the Battlefield- Photos of War (Middle School)

 BOLDPRINT  Images of War (High School)

 Faces of The Enemy (video)
(available from California Newsreel)

 Memories of WWII: Photographs from the Archives of the AP 
 (2004)  ISBN: 0810950138

 Civil War Photographers and Their Work: Portraits of War
Twenty First Century Books (1998)  ISBN: 0-7613-3019-4

 Shooting Under Fire: The World of the War Photographer, Peter Howe,
 Publisher: Arisan Sales;  ISBN: 1579652158

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