Frame grab of MSNBC broadcast on the morning of Friday January 18, 2008 -the day before the GOP
primary in South Carolina. MSNBC was broadcasting "Morning Joe" (left Mika Brzezinski, Joe Scarborough, right)
LIVE inside the Sunset Grill Restaurant in West Columbia.

The set of "Morning Joe" had taken over more than half of the restaurant. To the right of the anchors is political
analyst David Shuster. Above, the anchors eat a Southern staple: grits, as they wait to go back on-the-air.
(photos by Frank Baker)

Inside the Sunset Grill, the anchors (far right) are waiting for their turns on camera. They can see the on-air MSNBC signal on a
television monitor sitting atop a stool (left) and can read their scripts from a Tele-Prompter situated under one of the cameras
just below the light (in the middle of the photograph.) About a dozen members of the technical crew can be seen near the
windows, behind the cameras, and out-of-view. (photos by Frank Baker)

Cable News Network's uplink/production vehicle sits outside "Lizard's Thicket," a Columbia restaurant where correspondent
John Roberts anchored part of the " American Morning" news program on Friday January 18, 2008. (photos by Frank Baker)


A brief tour inside the CNN vehicle reveals that it is both a working studio, video production editing system with full satellite uplink
and downlink capabilities. (photos by Frank Baker)

CNN correspondent John Roberts, waiting to go back on-the-air LIVE, works on a laptop inside the "Lizard's Thicket" restaurant in Columbia SC, where CNN was broadcasting LIVE the day before the GOP Presidential Primary. (photos by Frank Baker)

From this angle, you can clearly see the CNN off-air monitor just to the left of John Roberts. The camera shooting him has a Tele-prompter mounted on it, so that he can read his script and look at the camera simultaneously. (photos by Frank Baker)