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 Deconstructing Ads For 
Snack and Junk Food 
 Which Target Youth  

written and produced by Frank Baker, Copyright 2004

New rules would ban junk food from being marketed in schools
Michelle Obama announces new rules for advertising junk food at school 

Recent news (click In The News, above left, for more stories)
Truth in Food Package Images & Labels
Senators ask network to ban kids' junk food ads


The advertising of snack and so called "junk foods" to young people 
is being blamed for an obesity epidemic in the United States and elsewhere.
Is advertising to blame? Are there other factors going on?
How does advertising, for example, work to target young people? 

This web resource is designed to help educators/parents
who wish to study food advertising found on TV and in magazines. We offer
a sample of ads and questions for you and your students to begin
their examination and study. In addition, the topic of junk food ads
aimed at kids is one in current events and news. 
See Key Quotes & In The News.

Advertising is also part of most state's ENGLISH and HEALTH teaching
standards. Be sure to look at this link for National Teaching Standards

Educators and students should also review the media literacy "key concepts"  
as well as these critical thinking questions before proceeding.

Watch this classic "Buy Me That" series segment on
how hamburgers (and French fries) are made to look good for TV commercials

Click the image on the left in order to go to the lesson plan
that includes this classic segment


Non Sequitur comic is used here for educational purposes.

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