Fake Hurricane Photos Spread Like Wildfire


Already, dozens of images, purported to be of Hurricane Sandy descending on New York City, have made their way onto the Internet.  And because of Twitter and retweeting the photos are quickly going viral.

The problem: most of them are fake.

And how do we know they are fake?  Because they've been lifted from previous news events or movies.

This is not the first disaster to be the focus of digital image alterations and misleading web postings, and it won't be the last.

The other problem is--media illiteracy is rampant. Our students will and do believe everything they see without question. We have not done enough to provide them with the necessary critical thinking/viewing skills they need to be healthy skeptics.

The answer IS media education.  If you don't know where to go to start educating your students, contact me right away.

NOTE: Lots of great resources on my webpage: Is Seeing Believing?

               InstaSnopes: Sorting the Real Sandy Photos from the Fakes
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               Download this list of media literacy critical thinking/viewing questions

Frank W. Baker

Media Literacy Clearinghouse