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Third debate Ratings Update: Fewer Viewers, But NBC Audience Grows
Warped facts in last presidential debate
What to Watch for During the Final Debate 
Obama, McCain seek leader's image in final debate
In Staging Events, Debate Commission Gets Help From Corporate America
Spin doctors run wild after debates, but who listens?

Schieffer Wants 'Freewheeling' Third Debate
Schieffer set to moderate last McCain-Obama debate
The Nation In Debates, the Furniture Is the Message (New York Times)
CBS' Bob Schieffer on Deck For Last Debate
Open up the debates to third parties


Post debate Pre-debate news/analysis/opinion
Second debate watched by 63.2 million
The debate in body language
Page One Today / McCain-Obama Debate
Obama, McCain Back Public Re-Use Of Debate Footage
What to Watch for During the Second Debate (New York Times)
Five things McCain and Obama must do in tonight’s debate
Second debate a key opportunity
Great Expectations As Candidates Debate Again (NPR)

Vice presidential post debate coverage: Vice presidential debate pre-coverage:
Palin Recaptures Her Image (New York Times)
TV pundits: Palin, Biden debate no game-changer
Some facts adrift in veep debate
Check Point: Assessing the Candidates’ Assertions
Biden vs. Palin: What to watch for during VP debate
The V.P. Debate: What to Watch for (New York Times)
Commentary: 10 Rules for Winning A Debate
Biden-Palin debate loaded with potential landmines
Expectations game already starting for VP debate
Looking ahead: The Biden-Palin debate
All eyes are on Thursday's VP debate

Expert looks back to debate 1 and forward to the vice presidential debate
The Biden-Palin Debate: Examining the Gaffes
VP debate to be analyzed by OUS students

Democratic presidential candidate, Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., ...

First Presidential debate
Pre-debate coverage:
First Presidential debate
Post debate coverage:
Memorable Debate Moments (TIME Magazine)
There They Go Again How do candidates win debates? (TIME Magazine)
Presidential Debates Are Good Theater, But Not Much More
Experts: Debate pressures unprecedented  (Politico)
What to Look for in Tonight's Debate (New York Times)
15 questions for the first debate (CSM Commentary)
The First Debate Could Be Decisive  (Wall St. Journal)
Obama-McCain Debate May Break With Past, Altering Vote Outcome (Bloomberg)
Debates Deciding The Presidency? It's Debatable (NPR)
The great, and not-so-great, debaters  (Politico)
Teacher Guide
for Debating Our Destiny II (PBS)
Debate Preparations & Preview
(New York Times)
Debate Over The Debate
(Washington Post)
Debates' Commission Hails 2008 Formats as 'Historic Breakthrough'
History exposes debate hazards
1960: The First Mass Media Election
Video clips from previous presidential debates

Presidential Debate History:  resources/books about presidential debates
Debate Watching 101 (League of Women Voters)
The Presidential Debates: A Teacher's Guide
Great Moments in Presidential Debate History
Debate prediction exercise
Presidential debates are mostly positive and emphasize policy
Gaffes of Debates Past (Washington Post)
AP's Presidential Debate History Via Photographs/ YouTube Video of Past Debates
First debate seen by 52.4 million viewers
Oxford Debate, Take Two: The Importance of Expectations  (Newsweek)
Final Thoughts on the First Presidential Debate
Barack Obama and John McCain Spin Debate Performances
Reading The Pictures: McCain Would Have Won ...

Panel Lists 6 Factors Debate Watchers Should Consider
FactChecking Debate No. 1 (
Fact checking the presidential debates

Check Point: The First Debate  (New  York Times)
Live Fact Checking (Washington Post)
Analysis: First debate produces night of contrasts
Grading the First Presidential Debate
How to Grade the Presidential Debates

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